Due to NDA restrictions, I don’t share confidential samples. Beware: the problem running rampant throughout the software industry is finding writers who can onboard quickly. As in hit the ground running on day #1. I’ve had the pleasure of working for many large companies and dev teams working on all types of API products, endpoint use cases, and SDKs.

The Epic Games Store is a world-class powerhouse with 150+ million global users. They hired me to review and rewrite 120+ game developer API docs. Then plunge into the SDK docs. There’s multiple users involved in these API docs: game developers and the users that buy those games from the Epic Game Store.

  • Docs were written in Markdown [docs-as-code].
  • I used a minimalistic API doc template for all new docs.
  • Slack conversations with devs solved doc blockers.
  • Git commit, push, published.

Below are some of my rewrites for Epic Games:

ShipEngine.com is the grandaddy of e-Commerce shipping APIs. Need 10,000 shipping labels now? No problem, easy with ShipEngine. But the project was a bulldoze of all published (dead wrong) API docs.

The target users for ShipEngine API docs are new API users, e-Commerce companies, and seasoned devs. Workflow was ideal and a pure [docs-as-code] formula writing in Markdown and Atom connected to a ShipEngine repo. Below are some of my tasks:

  • Tested endpoints, help from devs via Slack.
  • Analyzed and created shipping integrator (UPS, FedEX) API docs.
  • Slack conversations with devs solved doc blockers.
  • Git commit, push to shared staged repo for review through the workday.
  • Daily video chats with devs on endpoint use case blockers.

Below of some of the docs I wrote for ShipEngine:

TowerData.com is one of the largest email API services in the US. They hired me to rebuild their API documentation UI after testing all endpoints. Also update their SDK docs. I built a three-column UI (Ruby | Slate | Markdown) to host the new docs. Editing the CSS codes to match the TowerData brand colors were vital to this project being a home run: docs.towerdata.com.

The target users were email marketers using the TowerData APIs. Below are details about the project:

Company X (German API trading platform) products are designed to enable German users to trade fractional shares of US financial products (S&P 500) in the EU via APIs. They hired me to write new API docs for European Securities and Markets Authority API endpoints. Much of my time was spent writing API docs for EU KYC and German MiFID II identity compliance.

The target users for the project are whitelisted EU brokerages onboarding to Company X’s trading API platform. Docs were written in Markdown [docs-as-code]. Slack conversations with devs solved doc blockers. We used Linear for API doc management (great free tool). I created API doc templates to simplify user onboarding.

Fortellis.io (CDK Global) connects app developers with the automotive industry. They hired me to write their integrated API design standards for a public automotive API platform. Docs were published in both Apigee SmartDocs and Drupal. Below are links to the project:

The target users were automotive app developers launching their products on the Fortellis platform. Below are docs I wrote for Fortellis:

Stripe.com is one of the leading payment providers globally. They hired me write new API docs for their platform users.

The target users were developers onboarding to the Stripe platform. Below are docs I wrote for Stripe:

WEXinc.com is a global payment processor for virtual credit card transactions used by Expedia.com, HotWire.com & Priceline.com. I was hired by WEX to document a new payments product and build a new API docs UI. I built the UI with Ruby, Slate, Markdown.

The target users were FinTech banks and developers in need of onboarding guidance. Below is a screenshot of the completed UI.

Google.com contracted me to rewrite their BigQuery docs. The scope of the project was to streamline user onboarding by cutting out redundant steps. Their target users were big data analysts and Cloud users. Below are links to the original doc and my finished work:

Apache.org is the gold standard in big data. I was hired to write their Apache Sparke white paper on Apache Spark. It was a great project combining technical docs with a hint of marketing. The target users were analysts interested in learning about SparkSQL, Spark MLib, and SparkR. Below is the finished doc:

Adobe.com hired me to draft articles about their Creative Cloud technology. The target users were C-level executives interested in learning about the Adobe suite of solutions. Below are a few of the finished docs:

Incipio.com publishes unique perspectives about social trends in the IT space. They hired me to write satirical pieces to bridge the gap between technology-related topics and humor. Because of the freedom to select my topics, I chose to delve into relevant newsworthy stories. Below are a few: