Website Design

So you need a new website? I recommend you do one thing. Do what everyone else doesn’t.

Reverse engineer what you want. Meaning think about the kind of target keywords you wish to rank for as well as target markets. Then start with SEO in mind when you design your site. 

The problem with website design is many people doing it have little knowledge how to integrate proper SEO into the structure of a new site.

Often SEO is an after thought once the beautiful site is built. Very bad idea.

What I do for my website design clients is hard-target keyword research first. Then build the site around the keywords they wish to rank for on the search engines. Read more about my firm’s SEO services.

Our design team is as fanatical about progress and open communication with clients.


The biggest stinker is using a lame content management system. Forget about Godaddy’s awful site builder. HTML5 is the only way to roll. Preferably WordPress. But why? Well, think about it.

  • Do you want to pay someone $50 an hour to make changes?
  • Care to suffer nightmares trying to edit site navigation?
  • Want to worry about how to grow your site?
  • How about stuck with some lame CMS that’s no longer updated?

The honest truth is WordPress rocks. My firm owns the Elegant Themes site designs. We provide them to you free. The benefits are stunning designs, responsive code and simplicity all with the best stuff to make you look like a million bucks. Need advice? Drop me a note today.


Stuck? Tired of crappy SEO advice that’s crapola? Me too. It’s a bummer trying to find the right answer.


Local SEO Marketing

If you own a brick & mortar business failing to get ranked locally, you’re in good hands. Promise.


Conversions & Sales

Guess why your traffic doesn’t buy your product or services? You lack trust and credibility factors.


Free Site Audit

Smart propeller head SEO geeks love automated site audit softwares. I don’t. They’re all lame. But why?

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