Video Production

Branding Videos

Too many companies ignore the power of video. In the example to the left, I was approached by a large child care center to develop a soft, gentle video with staff interviews. The concept was to build trust and credibility as the premiere local day care provider.

The shoot was managed by me and involved interviewing staff as well as filming footage of the children. Overall, this project was a success because of the meticulous planning interviewing staff.

Call-to-Action Videos

This video was developed for a Facebook landing page campaign for

The credit niche is competitive so we needed to pinpoint the interests of people desperate to increase their credit scores. Then create a video that built trust and credibility while also moving the viewers forward into the sales cycle.

Call-to-action videos come in all flavors. Be smart. Script your video storyboard before moving into production.

Customer Testimonials

Think about the last time you bought something after a family member or friend gave a recommendation on a product or service. How did it feel?

Third-party endorsements are extremely effective. Why? They provide elements in your branding and marketing efforts such as:

  • Proof you’re the real deal
  • Evidence you have loyal customers
  • Success stories how you strive to please
  • Credibility others buy your products
  • Why customers choose your brand
  • Social proof people support your products & services

I’ve managed hundreds of customer testimonial shoots. The challenge is always scheduling the shoot inviting your loyal customers to share their stories interacting with your people and brand. Next, it requires a shoot director to carefully interview customers to glean the right types of video clips which support your brand message.

I’ve managed hundreds of customer testimonial shoots and 50+ Skype video interviews. Most have gone amazingly well. However, there’s a formula to pulling off a successful customer testimonial shoot.

The interviewing process should be done by a professional. When using a local shooter, I’ve meticulously briefed them on the exact questions to ask and supplied hard copies. Not everyone gets too thrilled to be on camera. Thus, it’s mission-critical to ask follow up questions to coax interviewees to share their true stories.

A good shoot involves 20+ loyal customers to show up. If you get 15 to walk through your door, you’re on your way. I’ve run shoots where we had 30 invited, 15 showed and we still were able to capture enough footage to produce 10+ videos

Skype Customer Video Testimonials

Your loyal customers have a story to tell about your brand. With the innovation of online video (i.e. YouTube, Vimeo), smart business owners are investing in producing customer testimonial videos.

The following two videos give you an idea how a Skype video interview works. The one on the left is the raw video interview. On the right is the produced version.

Raw Interview Video

Produced Interview Video

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