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My name is Peter Gustafson. Back in 2007, I did what appeared to be the impossible. Build a thriving technical writing business while being a stay-at-home dad. Lots of diaper changes in those days while juggling client calls. It was fun and a wild ride. Previously, I was a senior account executive in national advertising (radio & TV) 1999-2007.

Way back in the day, I made snow for 13 winters in the mountains of NH in between spending summers working at SacoBound as an official canoe-carrying grunt (1986-1998). Then I had a genius idea. Go to college. I majored in Media Studies | English in between snow guns and canoes. Graduating GPA: 3.33. These days I consult blockchain companies and FinTechs. Besides hanging out with my kids, I do enjoy reading, volunteering, and learning how to get better everyday.

Content Marketing

Google SEO

In 2007 I started a small consulting firm providing local SEO services to companies. Eventually my efforts with local SEO morphed into global SEO for Google organic rankings. My secret is writing long-form relevant content for target keywords. Then manage rankings using metrics-based tools such as

Keep in mind SEO and high organic rankings on Google are only part of the recipe for success. Click-through conversions are key. Then build value in your website content to convert traffic into your list. Remember, marketing and lead generation are only two pieces of a large puzzle. Converting people into customers is the granddaddy goal long-term. Creating long-form SEO content isn’t rocket science. But It is required these days and has been since 2007. When you factor in  competitive keywords with 10,000+ in search volume month, it boils down to relevancy in the eyes of Google.

YouTube SEO

Do you like free? Who doesn’t? When you get good at generating high YouTube rankings for your videos, free traffic and brand recognition provides massive ROI.

The secret is optimizing videos for groups of target keywords. My time doing YouTube SEO (2010-2015) was successful for one reason: metrics. Namely using ProRankTracker.comDoing so gives you analytics about your rankings. Video production for YouTube SEO is essential and critical. My background producing video stems from my time working in broadcast media in the top 50 media markets in the US. Video scripts are required. Short videos are best. Under 5 minutes if possible. Then optimized for keywords related to your products.