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Reputation Management

Be Brave, But Beware…

If you’re reading this sentence, I suspect your online reputation is awful. Heck, why else would you be reading? Now for the good news. Be brave, it’s all very fixable. But beware, there’s a truckload of sleazy firms out there with high hopes to use your situation as an ATM sucking every penny out of your bank account.

What is reputation management? It’s not rocket science. Instead, it’s pretty simple. Crush, decimate and outright eliminate the links popping up on the first page of Google when someone searches your name. If you’re frustrated, welcome to the club. There’s millions of people who have had their reputations destroyed because of:

  • Court judgements
  • The wreckage of their past
  • Social media and
  • Police reports and local online newspapers
  • The exponential growth of online legal records

Watch one of my reputation management client video case studies…

What’s Next?

Be brave, remember:-)? Get in touch with me. You can use the form below or call me at 207-602-0299. What will happen after that is I will research your situation on my nickel. Then produce a video screencast so you can view what’s on my screen. Don’t worry. I’ll host the video on my private server so only you can view it.

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