Take no prisoners is what many local SEO services consultants advise. As in kill all your backlinks by using Google’s disavowal tool. Awful idea.

It’s tempting to slash and burn them all. However, starting over could set you back years in organic rankings (if you’re still in the top 100).

So What’s the Answer?


Assess the SEO value of each link. When I do it for my client partners, the process includes analyzing every stinking backlink. Doing such a mundane, mind melting task pays off with huge dividends if done correctly.

Here’s why:

  • Google’s blacklist of spam backlinks probably stacks up in the trillions. Only, your job is to pinpoint good links from the pesky suckers which penalize your site rankings.
  • High PageRank attached to notable sites linking to yours can act as an 800 lb. gorilla in your favor. Do you want to lose such a beasty asset? Say no.
  • Next, think about one thing. Relevancy. Our good Google brothers and sisters now consider relevant site content as instrumental in how you rank. Some of my client partners have has than two dozen backlinks. What they do have is highly developed text and video content for each of their target keywords. The cherry on top is they dominate the first and second pages on the search engines.

Can You Trust Me?

Moving on, the question always comes up.

How do you know what I’m suggesting is better than what the 10,000 other firms advise?

You don’t. But you can confirm it by reading Google’s algorithm standards for relevancy. It’s not fun reading all snuggled in your bed with iPad in hand. So I’ll break it down for you using an example of something you probably did today.

Chances are you needed something. Be it information, a new iMac or even news on how amazing the New England Patiots have been this season.

So you Googled it. Did you find a recipe for Swedish meatballs? Perhaps a sexy offer from some hottie who’s online waiting for your credit card? Nope. You found exactly what you were searching to find. Exact relevant content to your query.

So why doesn’t your site rank well when people search for your stuff? Two reasons:

  1. Your site is a mess ignoring Google standards for relevancy
  2. There’s too little content on your site

That’s it. I know what you’re thinking. What about backlinks? Well, they are not as vital to rank your site as they once were prior to April 24, 2012 when Google Penguin was realeased.

Hmmm…so now what do you do?

Two options:

Pay a firm like mine to crawl around your site backlinks, content and retool everything.

Or do it yourself.

No matter which option you choose, you will either pay with money or time. Whichever you do, take comfort in one tiny piece of advice. Ignore everything you’re told by local SEO services hacks. Instead, learn how to evaluate what they offer compared to what Google wants to see in terms of relevancy.

I have been hired by more than a few local SEO services providers in the last five years. Why? They do not know anything. But for good reason. For years they were making plenty of money reselling offshore labor re-packaged as their own local SEO services. It worked great too. Not anymore.

If you’re going to hunker down and learn this stuff, most of what I do for my client partners is on this site. Minus some proprietary formulas it’s taken me years to develop in regard to keyword density percentages. Hey, I can’t give it all away.

Do yourself one big, fat favor. Learn more how to protect your investment instead of making gut decisions.