A site owner named Doug contacted me one chilling fall day asking me the difference between small business SEO services and Internet marketing. It’s a great question because it can be confusing. Some geek-speakers will suggest they’re the same thing. Wrong.

small business seo servicesDoug’s problem was that even though he had a monthly budget, he truly didn’t know how to compare apples-to-apples in terms of his quotes. No wonder. It’s no different than you or me trying to buy surgical tools for an upcoming brain surgery. We sure could give it our best whack, but chances are good we’d buy the wrong type of bone saw or forceps.

It’s interesting how the one thing so many businesses need (small business SEO services) is difficult to break down. I compare it to a hiring a divorce lawyer. You cough up a ton of your dough and then he does his stuff. Do you really know what to ask him about fiduciary resolution amendments or legal proceedings? Probably not. All you do is hear from him periodically. Then show in court. Ultimately, a judge will decide who wins and loses.

Kind of sounds like Google. So the differences between small business SEO services and Internet marketing are diverse but I’ll give you the broad strokes.

Small Business SEO Services vs. Internet Marketing

Think about your car. You hop in and drive right? Then you slam the door and you’re on your way for coffee, work or perhaps dinner and a movie.

Small business SEO services are no different. The process includes…

  • paper-coffee-cup-256x256Researching your market/niche keywords
  • Evaluating your content for your keys
  • Developing relevant content to match
  • Producing video for conversion
  • Monitoring your rankings
  • Adjusting content for improvement
  • Tracking your Google Analytics
  • Identifying GA trends
  • Updating site content again

Phew. That’s a lot. By definition (at least to me) small business SEO services is a process.

Internet Marketing vs. Small Business SEO Services

Internet marketing is more about selling. Really, any kind of marketing is designed to create exposure to a product to sell. These days (post Google Panda/Penguin), when you’re trying to use your website to sell, you need to slow down.

Before you can sell, what’s required is genuine content. Boatloads of it too. Here’s a simple way to think about the difference…

  1. Internet marketing is the sizzling steak on your plate (don’t forget the potato)
  2. Small business SEO services are done by the guys who cook it all

You can’t have one with the other but that’s considered by some firms as bunk. I would agree to a point. An even better way to think of it is small business SEO services dovetails ranking better combined with positioning your products or services for sale.

Small Business SEO Services Gone Wild

Beware. Choosing someone to manage your small business SEO services requires a tenacity for research. It’s the creme in those yummy donuts we all love to eat.

What comes next is conversion which opens another can of worms. If you need more advice how to convert, read our small business SEO services conversion primer.