Case Study

To the right you’ll notice a a screenshot of a client of mine. Julian has been a reputable business guy with a thriving online lobster business. He’s the kind of fisherman that captivates the true essence of everything you think of when shopping fresh, Maine lobster. But as we all have done some crazy things in our past, his caught up with him online. His name use to rank very high on Google for a few derogatory listings. Ouch, I know. The instigating keyword (no surprise there) was his name, ‘Julian Klenda.’ If you’re wondering what my secret sauce was helping him repair his problem, it wasn’t rocket science. Actually, since he already owned a progressive online lobster store, we did the old double-whammy routine.

  1. First we focussed on cleaning up his Google relevancy standards.
  2. We did #1 by building better content on his business site.
  3. Check out his case study.
  4. Next we syndicated genuine text and video content.
  5. Then we waited (I know, this part is a bit of a bummer).
  6. Next we did a few more rounds optimizing his site content.
  7. As his rankings began to grow, his negative listings shrank.

It sounds too easy right? Well, it involves a radical persistence to keyword density management. So what’s Julian rep now? Why don’t you check. Google Julian Klenda and see what’s on the first page.

No matter which reputation management company you consider hiring, it’s vital to ask about the techniques they implement to improve your online exposure. But don’t fall for the old trick many firms will tell you works. They advise you to send out thousands of spam backlinks to push derogatory comments about your company below the first page of Google. Although this technique did work for years, it now can be detrimental. Even causing Google to penalize your organic rankings. So what in the freaking hell do you do? Good question. Think more about building genuine text and video content to push those crappy derogatory listings down into deadsville. A few of the reasons you suffer with cringe-worthy listings on Google are:

  • The content is relevant enough to capture rankings
  • The domain the content resides has an aged domain
  • You’ve done a piss poor job optimizing your keywords

Need help with your bad rep?

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