You have a site but are probably wondering what new SEO writing tips can help you rank better. Maybe your content was written by your staff. Perhaps you wrote most of it yourself to save a few bucks. Or did you hire a writer?

seo writing tipsA massive trend in the last few years about SEO writing tips is not doing you any favors in your rankings. Chances are good if you simply can’t crack the code to rank on G/Y! & Bing it’s related to your site text content.

Really? Yuppers. Well, there could be other reasons such as…

  • Too little content
  • Non-relevant text (6 paragraphs won’t cut it)
  • Poorly written English
  • Duplicate content you stole from a manufacturer’s site
  • Spam backlinks

But I need to tell you the truth. Of the sites I review, almost all of them have awful content. It’s as if they’ve ignored the millions of SEO writing tips you can find on online. Listen, we all can’t be writers. If you’re getting the sense I’m about to browbeat you don’t worry. It won’t hurt (that much).

SEO Writing Tips & Stories

You won’t find too many SEO writing tips these days that comply with the new Google relevancy standards. The reason is because most firms rely on building backlinks. Oopsies. Guess what? This age-old technique of spamming your site with tens of thousands of backlinks simply is now older than dirt. Burn this into your brain or stop reading here.

So what’s the real secret SEO writing tips that work? For starters…

  1. Shoot for 350-800 words per target keyword
  2. Tell stories that offer valuable (free) advice
  3. Share stuff your competition doesn’t

Really? 350-800 words? Big time. Don’t take my word for it. Go look at some of the top ranking sites. Why do they rank? The common threads you will notice is they use SEO writing tips that offer genuine value to the site traffic.

What is value? Well, it begins with offering plenty of credible content to the reader. Duh! Think advice. What I tell my client partners to do is come up with 25 objections they hear from their prospects. Then write problem-resolution articles for each one.

Keywords & SEO Writing Tips

Your site doesn’t do well on the search engines because you have too few keywords nested in your content. But slow down. Don’t go all gung-ho dropping 18 keywords into one article or post. Doing so will probably get noticed by Google in not such a good way.

Remember, SEO writing tips should include Google compliant text based on providing honest value to your target audience. Read SEO writing tips to learn how.

autoWhen you think about SEO writing tips try to write from the perspective of your target audience. Do they want reams of prose about how great you are? Nope.

People want valuable text content to solve their problems. Then video. Not necessarily in that order. My recommendation about using SEO writing tips is to focus less on the smoke and mirrors trickery and more on length and quality. Another idea is to schedule 1-2 new pieces of text to be written per week. Google loves fresh content. The more you can publish it on your site the less you’ll need to rely on SEO writing tips.


Because at some point (30+ posts and pages) Google will notice your site content is more relevant than your competition. How so? Your site will offer genuine relevancy scores without you needing to worry about finding another article on SEO writing tips.