seo pricingDon’t ever say SEO pricing isn’t interesting. Well, or highly frustrating for millions of site owners.

These days so many business and site owners are going bananas comparing SEO pricing. When you factor in all of the Google algorithm updates, it’s maddening. Why would you invest in it all if you wake up one morning and lose your ranks?

Hmmm…truth be told you shouldn’t. But you should invest in your rankings in combination with conversion improvements. Is your traffic converting into your list? Do you even have a list? If not, get one fast. Every single visitor your site ever sees should be funneled into your list-building efforts.

SEO Pricing & Packages

seo-pricingAll packages suck. They don’t take algorithm updates into account. Plus, they usually lack the one thing you desperately need: a reliable person who monitors your rankings and adjusts your content to regularly. Good, genuine content that complies with Google standards of relevancy will always recover any update.

Lame packages usually do most of these taboos…

  • Spam backlink your site into hell
  • Automates all your SEO (which is worse than your house burning down)
  • Don’t write original content for your target keywords
  • Ignore the power of video

So what are you paying for then? Nothing except crappy packages that offer you bottom dollar SEO pricing.

Avoid SEO Pricing “Plans” Like The Plague

Say what? Yuppers. Avoid paying for one plan type of SEO pricing. They’re worth about .50 and will never get your site ranking well. The reason is you need to comply with standards of relevancy that Google loves to give you plenty of ranking love.

It starts with stuff like rock-solid on page elements. Then you add video. Remember, SEO prices are relative. If you want to spend $100 it’s out there. But I can promise you’ll regret it. Instead, look at SEO pricing more like an investment in your content and brand.

Going the distance to rank better and convert your traffic into prospects and customers is possible. But it doesn’t start when you’re kicking tires looking for the cheapest SEO pricing on the planet. Seriously, this your business. Invest a monthly budget every month and watch your traffic grow.

shoppingbagsBut there’s a downside if you simply cannot afford SEO pricing. It’s making gut decisions how to grow your business.

Believe me, I can appreciate running the show on a shoestring budget. When expenses are through the roof and revenue is soft, we all need to make hard decisions. SEO pricing vary from way too expensive to cheap. If you fall into the category where any SEO pricing is too much, do yourself a favor.

Start writing at least two new pieces of content on your site per week. Google loves fresh, unique content. Over time, you’ll develop traction with the search engines even if any SEO pricing is pie-in-the sky for you.

I actually had a site owner come to me years ago struggling with SEO pricing. She couldn’t risk losing working capital on pipe dreams. I told her she was smart. It’s often hard to remember that whatever SEO pricing you can afford comes with risk. I told her to find a freelance writer and start adding content to her site. About six months later she had grown her ranks purely with text content. She replied, “SEO pricing in my budget was simply to much of a gamble.”

Don’t fall for the old tricks. Gimmicks don’t work. There’s too many firms out there that will name any SEO pricing fee simply to get your business. Avoid these kinds of ‘what can you afford’ scenarios.

If you have questions, contact us about SEO pricing and we’ll review your situation.