A while ago I was reading an article about what SEO marketing experts do. It was actually pretty funny because most of the author’s research was based on social media and PPC.

I hate to break the news to you but SEO marketing experts don’t qualify as pros if they’re pushing the social/PPC easy button. Sure it looks sexy and sounds delicious to get all that exposure. Over the years, I’ve been accused of being anti-social media. The truth? I think it’s great.

But what I don’t buy into is how SEO marketing experts gauge their client success rates on the number of social contacts they develop. Nor do I drink the PPC cool aide. But why?

Money. As in it flowing into your accounts instead of out. What drives me wild is how SEO marketing experts gloss over two items:

  1. Organic rankings
  2. Conversions

Does anything else matter to you? It better not. Having worked in the finance industry during my years as a national account exec, I’m more about increasing business than peppering you with cute, glitzy updates which really don’t drive your business into growth mode. The following video is a case study what growth really means…

seo marketing expertsSEO Marketing Experts & ROI

The problem I see everywhere is one of financial irresponsibility. Most SEO marketing experts come with a lot of baggage that includes closing the sale.

They want you to cough up the $5k fast. Then you get cheesy reports listing what I like to call ‘glimpses of progress’ to prove work is being done on your project.

So you read the reports and think, great, things are moving forward. Many clients don’t even read the updates because they don’t understand what the hell they mean. I’ve seen many of them and even I wonder why a firm would waste so much time reporting the crap they did.

Funny story: I was doing some consulting for a firm in the midwest last year. When I suggested we spend more time with on page efforts and video on their client projects, they gave me an adamant NO.

Apparently it would waste too much of their SEO marketing experts time. Hmmm….I wondered. Isn’t that the point? To help the client get a groovy ROI?

What Good SEO Marketing Experts Actually Do

The really super duper SEO marketing experts I admire are ones that focus entirely on using Google standards. Both on page and off. So what are they?

  • Pinpoint the best keywords to target
  • Love writing optimized content
  • Produce video about your brand, products & services
  • Review your rankings daily
  • Update your content for improved Google relevancy
  • Manage your keyword densities
  • Monitor your site speed
  • Tweak your site layout for better conversion

I know, it’s a long list of cryptic stuff you may not understand. Ultimately, you want to be working with a partner rather than an outsourced freelancer. So it’s vital you invest plenty of time learning exactly what you need. Without know what good SEO marketing experts do will only confuse things about your hiring process.

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