It’s 2014 and just think about all those SEO expert services you missed out on last year? Relax, you’ll be fine. Sometimes making no decision is your best choice when happynewyearthinking about hiring¬†SEO expert services. Believe me, I’ve heard a few whacky stories from new clients about nightmares they’ve experienced working with some losers.

They usually lack a qualified understanding of keyword research for starters. Most site owners looking for expert SEO services have no idea how badly they’re getting screwed in this department. Keep reading as I’ll show you exactly what kind of keyword analysis you need for a successful plan.

Today is January 1, 2014 and I must confess, I awoke with a brighter mood. Having young kids, the holidays are pretty damn important. Heck, why not? Gifts from Santa, distant relatives along with Mom and Dad are pretty sweet.

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So here’s my story. A while ago a midwest SEO expert services type emailed me about a project. She had a small local client who was taking it on the chin in new business even though he was on the first page of Google.

The problem was her keywords were a train wreck. Her excited success getting him ranked for ‘omaha ne plumber’ didn’t even have any exact search counts (people looking for that precise phrase).


If you’re trying to sell expert SEO services by ranking clients for keywords without any people searching them, they’re not going to be too thrilled. What I see more often with SEO expert services firms that hang their hats on improving rankings is they forget what pays the bills silly!

New business baby, that’s where it is. So much of this industry puts all the heavy lifting on the client to close traffic into a CRM (think list) or sales. If you’re laying out cash to rank better don’t you at least want to do something with all that new-found traffic?

SEO Expert Services Snaffoo 

Another problem that jumped off the page was her text content was razor thin. The site was filled with duplicate content stolen from a plumbing manufacturer’s site. Now I can see why it’s relevant to the client, but gosh, why not rewrite it to improve Google relevancy standards? Plus, it might be kind of nice if the client didn’t get dinged for duplicate stuff. That’s about the fastest way to tank a client site.

So now what? Well, we dove into a full analysis of some of the best target keywords for Joe the plumber. Actually, there was a decent list. Remember, SEO expert services should always start with deep keyword research. Anyone can rank a site for keys that have no search counts. Watch the following client case study to get a feel for industrial-strength keyword research…

Next, we chatted about what Google likes to see for relevant text. These are some of the big, fat keepers…

  1. 325-800 words per target keyword
  2. H-tags
  3. Keywords with anchor text linking to somewhere on Joe’s site
  4. Post or page titles with the keyword in them
  5. A properly set up XML sitemap

Sound too easy? It is but honestly, it’s the 325-800 words of relevant text that most site owners come up short. Too many firms offering SEO expert services don’t have the staff on hand to write relevant text.

I know, it’s pathetic right? Not really. Good writing skills is what this business is about. Yes, video should be included as well. However, without carefully crafted text content you’ll sink a client site faster than hound dogs chase wild geese.

Get the full story. Read what real SEO expert services should include.