Okay, here’s the deal about SEO. All too often I get emails from site owners who were duped into hiring an SEO geek who wasn’t really dialed into the recent Google algorithm updates.

It’s a sad story. But more than the frustration they now suffer with poor ranks, they’re concerned about making the same mistake again. My reply? Good, you should be.

Fool me once with outdate SEO, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

So I thought it would be helpful to write a post outlining what it truly takes to comply with the new Google standards. Hopefully it will help you sort out who has the street cred to handle your SEO in the future.

SEO & Metrics

The days of throwing a gazillion backlinks at a client site are long gone. Those types of techniques (along with hope and prayer) are about the last ways you should approach your search engine optimization. Honestly, there’s a better method.

It’s called metric optimization. Don’t bother asking the basement dweller SEO types about it. You’ll either confuse them or they’ll lie saying they just read an article about it.

SEO metric optimization is using research to increase your Google relevancy for your keywords. Say what? It’s easier to understand if I share an infographic I designed to outline the simplicity of such a powerhouse technique…



SEO Metric Optimization & Ranking

What’s the easy method to ranking sites? It no longer exists. The recent news stories about the changes in search technology are snubbing the small to medium-sized business owners. If you don’t have $50k and a devoted SEO person you’re doomed.

Well, unless you subscribe to SEO metric optimization.

It’s hardly done by most firms. Why? Because it takes work (lots of it). However, I’ve been using it since 2007. The first two years were mighty confusing. Mostly because in terms of SEO rankings, you need to monitor client rankings by day by keyword.

Then apply a time-tested formula. These days my approach is systematic regardless what business, product or niche you target.

What’s it Cost?

$7000. Just kidding:-). Using SEO metric optimization ranges between $795-$1495 a month plus a set up fee.

Too much?

For most local companies, they’re already spending $1000-$2000 a month in local advertising and business directories. Often I can weed through your expenses and help pinpoint what you should re-allocate into SEO.

videoBut there’s hitch. Oh no you’re thinking about now. Don’t worry, it’s actually good SEO news. (to learn more, visit my SEO plan for businesses on a shoestring budget).

You need to embed custom video on your pages or posts for SEO metric optimization to work properly. Too many SEO firms don’t understand the benefit of video so they do what everyone else does. Ignore it hoping new clients don’t bring up the subject.

The really sweet thing about video (which I produce for my clients included in my fee) is it helps with site conversion.

Don’t be silly thinking SEO and video are two separate parts of online media. They are as intertwined as shoveling snow and winter. Sites using video are seeing the results in their SEO.