At least one question you can finally mark off your list is whether or not over-optimized SEO links build your rankings? Nope, ne and niet. But some of my readers have the addicting urge to crank out more links.

Sure your SEO guru cousin says you need more links. The guy you overheard at the deli swears by some new fangled SEO firm crushing it for his ranks. Hmmm…sounds like crapola to me. What’s the real story?

seoThe History of SEO & Backlinks

Back when Google was beginning to overtake Lycos, Netscape et, al out in 1997, they did it by streamlining how their algorithms evaluated your site relevancy. For example, let’s say you had 22,000 backlinks all with the keyword pink tube tops. Chances are, you ranked very well. SEO was simple back then. All you needed were links pointing to your site with your target keyword (pink tube tops) as anchor text.


For a few hundred smackers, you could hire some offshore SEO freak to spam a gazillion links. But the problem is that having oodles of links all with the same anchor text now penalizes your site rankings. Bummer, I know.

Sounds kind of idiotic right? Well, it was. But if you fast forward to today, SEO is almost entirely the opposite.

tombThese Days SEO is Dead

Say what? Well, the technique millions of SEO goofballs were doing back then no longer works. Something I had a sneaking suspicion about back in 2007 was that content would one day be the secret SEO formula. Was I some kind of SEO prophet? Hardly. Although my background is in content management and has been for decades. Did I get lucky?

Initially yes.

But then I began noticing SEO trends in the ranking data I began collecting on more than 75 clients. Even now I still monitor SEO rankings for nearly 100 sites and more than 1000 keywords. The project is ongoing and actually helps me pinpoint SEO elements Google sees as relevant when awarding rankings. Watch some of my SEO case studies.

Statistics Uncover Relevancy Trends

100% of the time, doing well in SEO is related to how the search engines view your site content for your target keywords. Other critical elements include…

  • Your spam backlinks
  • Site SEO structure
  • Text content and keywords
  • The quality of your text
  • Video on your site
  • Fresh new content (weekly)
  • XML sitemap

SEO can be your best friend or foe so take time to learn more about it.