The one thing that drives me bonkers is when I see an ad of a freelancer claiming to be the expert in SEO. Truthfully, there are no experts. Take physicians for instance. Are there any expert doctors? Not a one. That’s why it’s called ‘practicing medicine.’

Honestly, it doesn’t always work whether it’s catching cancer or getting you ranked on Google. However, it usually comes down to God. Or in ranking, finding someone who is an expert in SEO content management. Say what? Yes, content management. When you speak with someone claiming to be an expert in SEO, it makes sense to see how to handle site content.

Expert in SEO Case Studies

expert in seoI’ve seen many dopes claiming to be ‘the’ expert in SEO. However, most have razor thin street cred to back up their credentials. Beware. This industry is laden with hacks, wannabees and outright thieves. So how do you put your hands on a near expert in SEO?

For starters, you can become one yourself. Only, it takes years of study and a decent passion for writing. Previous to 2007 when I started this firm, I was a media analyst and account exec for a national ad agency for almost 9 years.

Every month I wrote more than 75 scripts and then assisted producing both TV and radio spots. Before that I wrote for tourist bureau for 13 years. So to become a practicing expert in SEO, you truly need to understand writing skills for conversion.


If you’re out of time and luck in the writing department, your only other option is hiring someone. Look for firms that come with credible case studies of past and present clients. Preferably at least 10 case studies with keywords and current rankings.

Lies & Expert in SEO Fish Stories

One day you’re driving down the road and BAM, your car starts making a noise. You have no clue of the cause. So you clunker into your service station hoping your mechanic will rub some magic grease on the problem.

Nope. You need a new alternator, two front end sway bars and an alignment to boot. Huh? That’s my point. You simply shrug, hope your credit card has enough balance and tell him to go ahead.

Your mechanic may not be an expert in SEO. But he sure knows a truckload more than you do to get your ride cruising again.

The point is I’ll bet you trust him or her because of a track record. Something tangible like people tell you, “Everyone goes there — you won’t get screwed–ask for Freddy.” Or their rep is phenomenal. Working with an expert in SEO (again, one who is humble and claims to be continually practice the art) takes bona proof of their skill.

Whomever hire as your next expert in SEO, review some case studies. They will give you a sense of the work they’ve done. Watch what their expert in SEO case studies should include.