Forex trading has been hot since 2002. However, the MetaTrader platform has come a long way in the last five years.

Honestly, before these guys came to me, I had nearly no understanding of the forex trading markets. But SEO is SEO. Duh!

We began working with them in March of 2012. Their market was global for the keyword phrase ‘forex hosting’ with 1900 exact searches a month.

What they had trouble with is ranking consistently (see the huge drops in ranks below) with their new platform site. They lacked genuine Google compliant/relevant content for their target keywords. It’s a major pill many new clients suffer swallowing when they start with us. But that’s okay as we walk everyone through it.

The concept is pretty simple. Google wants to serve up stuff to the searcher that relates to their search. Usually in about half a second.

So the big G evaluates sites using more than 200 proprietary factors called algorithms to determine who should be #1. Honestly, even ranking on the first page can exponentially grow your business. Why spend $10k a month to rank #1 right?

What We Did First

Initially, our biggest task was to tackle their existing content. Mostly updating it from trader-speak to SEO-friendly formatting. It’s not rocket science. Although it requires enormous research of their competition as well as management of keyword densities.


What We Did Next

anthem az real estate After all of their content was updated, we then did what most other SEO firms hate. We updated their content regularly.

Remember, Google loves fresh genuine content. How fresh? Ah…start with daily.

Really, if you can’t crush daily content updates you’re going to suck ranking fumes. But go slow–shoot for 3 times a week adding more content to your site for your target keywords.

Keep adding text and video content slowly. However, keep an eye on your keyword densities. Too high will get you penalized. Too low and you’ll stay out in left field in your rankings.