Here’s a funny story about performance based SEO that happened to me last year. A small firm asked me to train their staff using my techniques. I do it a few times a year if the company has the infrastructure to handle the workflow.

They were nice people. But clueless about how performance based SEO actually works. The problem I run into are people looking for magic button speed. So we worked together for a few months but honestly, the writing was on the wall. They were tapped out in the brain department.

First they jammed about two dozen keywords in their meta data. Bad idea. This typically will demonstrate to Google you’re keyword stuffing. Here’s a case study outlining what genuine content management does to improve rankings….

Performance Based SEO Nightmare Gets Worse

Next, they added a lame WordPress plugin which automatically hyperlinked random words throughout their site. Despite my telling them this is now considered anchor text spamming, they went off the deep end. One day I logged into their site to find about 50 anchor texts on one page. Hmmm…can you say freak show?

performance based seoRemember, performance based SEO is about building momentum. Not hitting easy buttons throwing a bunch of crap at Google. Slow and steady always works. Most folks lack the patience.

How long does performance based SEO take? Tricky question. I’ve had some clients rank in a month. Others six months. Honestly, it depends on the competition of the keywords.

Performance Based SEO Best Practices

The funny part of my story is that they eventually called me miffed things weren’t working. No kidding. They did the exact opposite of everything I told them would work. We still stay in touch from time-to-time but they’re performance based SEO is in the tank.

So what works? Well, for starters genuine, original text content. I recommend adding one page or post optimized for one keyword phrase.

Next, add video into each page. Google loves embedded video and will award you with plenty of SEO love when you do. I know, it sounds too simple. It is. But the challenge is developing videos that are compelling and prove your credibility. Don’t forget the phrase ‘performance based SEO’ requires hard work. This stuff doesn’t happen overnight.

What most site owners ignore is the power of an industrial-strength performance based SEO. Instead, they buy gimmicks which never work.

Get Good at the Little Stuff

Google loves performance based SEO efforts which occur over time. The publish it and then move on to other content no longer works. I recommend adding at least 50-75 words to your existing posts and pages at least once per week if your  performance based SEO isn’t showing results.

If you can pull off half of these steps, your performance based SEO will rock your socks off…

  1. Plan your pages and posts are your target keywords (one each)
  2. Write authentic, advice-giving content
  3. Embed video on every page or post
  4. Grow rich content every week
  5. Confirm you’re using a current Google XML sitemap
  6. Get good at understanding performance based SEO (think relevancy)
  7. Ping new or updated content at
  8. Produce one or more videos per week hosting in your YouTube account

Why Performance Based SEO Crushes It

Here’s the thing: crack search optimization gurus are 1 in 10,000 if that. The reason is most of them rely on automated crapola softwares to spam backlink your site. That type of drama no longer works. Plus, it will get you penalized by Google Penguin.

If you need advice what to pay, spend some time on my performance based SEO page.