penguin seoGoogle Penguin SEO has become the bane of pain for millions of site owners. How do you clean up your site and get your rankings back?

If you’re building a site, what do you do to comply? Threaten to break your current SEO guy or gal’s legs? Bad idea. It might feel good but soon you’ll be looking at hefty legal fees.

Instead, take some time to review the following elements on your site to see if you comply with Google standards.

Penguin SEO Step #1: Fix Your Over-Optimization

Start by stripping away all of your extra linkage. What does this mean? Look at your site. Do you have 10 anchor text links in your content? If so, you’re probably being penalized for them. Instead, cut your links on each page to 3-5. My client partner sites display a max of 2 per page.

Penguin SEO Step #2: Buff up the Boring

Update your bland content. It can be video, audio, text or even images. Does your content suggest you put in only minimal effort to offer value to your visitors? If you aren’t sure, do what I do. Ask someone who doesn’t know a lick about your product or service to review your content. Tell them to take the gloves off. Have them punch through your content for relevancy. Does it entice the visitor or make them roll their eyes?

Next, is your content original? Or did you “borrow” it from another site? Google wants to serve up relevant, fresh content to the user. Having duplicate text content on your is another area to fix.

If you can’t write it yourself or don’t know how to write for SEO, contact me for Penguin SEO writing advice.

Penguin SEO Step #3: Update Your On Page Elements

Your on page content should be improved for relevancy. Do you use alt image tags for your target keywords? Are each of your pages designed to target one keyword? If not, you’re missing out on free SEO value.

Listen, Penguin merely leveled the playing field for sites that were using non-compliant elements to rank on Google. Penguin SEO is about honest content and value.

If you’re still using an SEO firm ignoring Penguin, fire them now.

Penguin SEO Step #4: Build Genuine Backlinksscreencast266

Forget about spam backlinks.

As you’re probably aware, Google now penalizes sites associated with sub-standard backlinks.

What is a spammy backlink? There are many definitions, however, we rely on the Google language:

  • Spam backlinks from link “schemes” are not approved by Penguin SEO
  • Webspam links from link farms and link exchange sites
  • Reciprocal links – “link to me and I will link to you”
  • Links bought of sold for the intent of building backlink counts

Confused about what to do about bad backlinks and Penguin SEO? Join the club. Millions of site owners are still trying to sort out the difference between good links and bad links.

Keep it simple. Does the link contain relevant content for your target audience? If not, it’s bad. Another qualification of a bad link is how it it relates to your site content. But remember, Google wants to eliminate the need for SEO. My prediction is that backlinks will no longer play into rankings in the coming years.

How do I know? I track hundreds of site rankings by keyword by day. Sites that are complying with Penguin are doing well. Ones relying on backlinks are tanking.

Penguin SEO Step #5: Think Video

Video is one of the fastest pieces of media online and Google Penguin SEO loves it. We’ve seen sites outrank competitive companies with videos. Granted, your videos need to sustain backlinks in order to give them the proper does of link juice. However, video is becoming the industry standard separating genuine content sites from ones trying to cheat their way to higher rankings.

Complying with Penguin SEO is one thing. Doing it consistently with video is an entirely other matter. Learn how we can evaluate your Penguin SEO free.