If you’re hanging your hat on what thousands of online SEO company salespeople preach to ranking better, forget it all. Most of their techniques are older than online seo companydirt and will probably push your site lower in search. But don’t take my word for it–do yourself a few searches. Pretty likely you’ll discover a mile-long list of firms all ranting about two things:

  1. Backlinks
  2. Social media

It’s almost as if theseĀ online SEO company shops are frozen in time, like 2005. Nothing drives me crazier than the hype media networks place on backlinks and social. But why I am so blue on this raging trend? Now I could tell it’s because I want to sway you into hiring me. Not even close. Or how about as one of my readers tells me I like to bash every otherĀ online SEO company? Strike two. Maybe it’s I’ve ranked many sites with zero backlinks and social blah, blah, blah? Bingo.

There’s a sneaky little trick many online SEO company gurus tell you about their client rankings. In fact, most give you lame high ranking case studies with nearly no searches for their keywords. Need proof? Watch this…(go full screen)

If that video doesn’t catch your attention, nothing will.

Online SEO Company & Duplicate Content

Now we move on to the other thing to beware of if you’re hiring your next online SEO company. The dreaded stolen content trick. You see, these backlinking cowboys love to scrape content and then syndicate it as yours. Oopsies. Guess what? Google will slap you with a duplicate content faster than my kids suck up the bandwidth at my house.

The struggle these firms have is finding talented writers. So they usual wake up the nearest sleeping techie and force them to come up with some kind of text. What you get is cryptic re-manufactured gobbly gook that doesn’t even make sense. Remember, your site content needs to be compelling and convincing. If it tanks, your conversionvisitors will think you’re brain dead. Incidentally, if you really want to numb your brain cells, watch a few hundred episodes of the TV show Blues Clues. I did for years with my kids and let me tell you, it’s a battle to stay tuned.

Growing With Your Next Online SEO Company

One of the coolest things about being in this business is the relationships I make with some of my clients. They’re ones that have been with me for years. But what does it cost? Too many of them have cookie-cutter rates. I custom quote my work because I feel it makes sense. But do you have a monthly budget is usually my first question.

If you do have some kind of budget, plan on investing it every stinking month on your search optimization plan. Sometimes I run into site owners looking for one-shot wonders. These types of stunts no longer work and you’ll just be waisting your money.

Do yourself a favor. Take your time hiring your next online SEO company. Actually, what you want to do is work with a person instead of a faceless firm. Remember that people drive your business on both sides of the counter. Find someone devoted to your business model as a working partner.

Still need advice? Contact me and my online SEO company and we’ll see how we can help.