I have a confession to make — the techniques millions of online SEO company techies are using these days are in violation of Google content standards. Well, at least for getting your site ranked. It was interesting for more than a decade that spamming your site with thousands of backlinks actually worked. But now Google is making you pay for such trickery.

How so?

Google Penguin. Launched in April of 2012, the sneaky algorithm magically became the #1 nemesis of every online SEO comapny. Namely in suspicious-looking search engine optimization that suddenly became taboo. You probably still hear many online SEO company sales reps talking about how you need high PR links. Here’s a video that will outline what’s a credible online SEO company to evaluate all of your backlinks…

Online SEO Company Chaos Theory

I get pissed off when I hear new clients tell me stories what their old online SEO company did to their site.

At least 70% of the time I find spam backlinks. One client came to me with over 150,000! What’s the big deal? Complete and utter devastation. The big G considers building these links as deceptive. But what about Yahoo! and Bing?

Great question.

Y/B are different from Google because they actually love backlinks. Any of them from spam to crappy and all of them in between. Take a look at the follow screenshot of a client that came to me in the summer of 2013. Her site was the one that had more than 150k backlinks. Notice she has zero G ranks yet many first and second page positions on Y/B…

online seo company

Many of these keywords are highly competitive. So what’s the deal with with zero G rankings? Spam backlinks.

Backlink Audit & Online SEO Company

Way back in the day when I thought I was Mr. Fix It at my house, I tried installing a new bathroom sink. A few hours later, a broken pipe (by me of course) was pouring water throughout the first floor. Guess what? I needed a plumber fast. They arrived, charged me silly money and were gone in less than an hour.

But I was still happy because I was WAY, WAY out of my league tinkering with old copper pipes. If an online SEO company doesn’t mention anything about your old existing links, be very worried. Ignoring them is worse than a busted bathroom pipe times 100.

Your current backlinks tell a story. Depending on how many you have it could be more like a nightmare. So it’s vital whichever online SEO company you hire, they pinpoint your spam backlinks. Then submit them to Google for disavowal.

Online SEO Company Link Audit Prices

I’ve done many. Most for full-service client partners. But a good handful for site owners that only wanted to have a link audit done.

The difference? Think of a link audit as a bandaide to a gushing vein. Namely your ranks. But it’s a good place to start. What’s scary are some of the link audit fees I’ve seen from even small online SEO company firms. Some in the $5000 range. Ouch. That’s way too much. Plan on $650-$1000 and look for an online SEO company that does them manually. Too many resort to software products that find, analyze and compile your spammies.

Bad idea. A good online SEO company will build a spreadsheet of your backlinks. Then analyze them (by a real person) one-by-one. If you’re struggling to find help, contact my online SEO company and I’ll review your site issues in free video screencast.