SEO antics are probably driving you mad why you’re site isn’t ranking well. Believe me, I’ve met many clients who were pulling their hair out. The problem is they’re relying on SEO that worked years ago.

Stuff like backlinking your site with a gazillion spam links. Then there’s link schemes, farms, networks and the all the gimmicks you’ve been brainwashed into thinking work. You’re not a complete idiot. Many of those techniques would get you ranked for years. However, since around April 2012 when Google Penguin was launched, all that crapola stopped bringing you the magic.

So what does work these days? Good question.

This industry is filled with two types of people. The first group swears by spamming your site with links. The others approach SEO from a content management perspective. The latter is what I’ve been doing since 2007. But why? It is the best method to building genuine, honest rankings.

Content Management Optimization

What is it? Do you care? Most SEO gurus roll their eyes when they hear about content management optimization.

The reason is it requires writing skills Google loves. A lot of people don’t accept that investing in genuine content will crank their ranks. Will it? Sort of but there’s a formula required in order for finely crafted text and video content to dominate the search engines. Here’s what I’ve seen work very well for many of my clients:

  1. seo-writingPinpoint the right keywords
  2. Develop optimized text for each key phrase
  3. Produce video & embed in optimized posts or pages
  4. Manage keyword densities over time
  5. Monitor where #1-4 bring us in rankings
  6. Adjust content for improved relevancy

Hmmm…you’re wondering. Can it work? ¬†You betcha. But the mistake that so many site owners are guilty of is what I call ‘remember when we’. It’s that cozy, soft memory how something that worked years ago should do the trick now.

20 years ago direct mail and the yellow pages crushed it for new business. Life was so much easier back then. But we’re not in Kansas anymore so you really need to stop making SEO decisions based on what use to work.

Then There’s…

Don’t forget about the proliferation of video. It’s now adding enormous SEO value when optimized correctly on your site. Too many business owners are getting hoodwinked by SEO gurus who simply don’t understand the benefit video contributes to relevancy scores in ranking.

whyvideo-featuredSure I’ve been accused of pushing the subject of video. Wanna know why? It works silly.

The problem many site owners struggle with is how to produce video that matches their mission, brand and product(s). Forget about all that. Honestly, video can be done using a simplified format proving your trust and credibility. No, you don’t need to drag yourself in front of the camera. In fact, many of my client videos feature clips from my massive HD running footage library.

Video tells a story like no other medium. In five years, sites without a video presence will be lose so many prospects and new business. In February 2014, YouTube surpassed Facebook in traffic. That’s about all the proof you need to think about getting serious about video.

In closing, what worked in the past no longer works. The search engines want genuine quality content. Plenty of it too. So kick yourself and your team to start posting 3-5 times a week on your site. Write for your target audience solving their problems. Then rinse and repeat adding video.