If you’re trying to find local SEO experts in your hometown, beware. There’s a boatload of firms, freelancers and even basement dwellers that all claim to be local SEO experts. But truthfully, most are what I like to call dabblers.

They’re techies, writers and even marketing companies that want to grow their business. No different than yourself. Because of the recent search engine updates, I recommend you look for local SEO experts who can share bona fide case studies of clients they have helped ranked.

Anyone can claim to rank a site #1. However, when you start to analyze the core keywords they ranked theses sites, you’ll often discover deception. Watch the follow local SEO experts video that’ll give you incite on some of the gimmicks…

So what’s the deal? Hmmm…think scam. Too many times clients have come to me with horror stories about working with unqualified people. It all goes back to keywords.

Here’s another video outlining a client project where we were able to pinpoint the best keywords for their project (and of course rock them on to the first page of Google)…


Deception & Local SEO Experts

local seo expertsYears ago a new client partner of mine shared a story with me. She had been working with a few different local SEO experts outside of Chicago, IL. Initially things went great. They helped her redesign her site and built gorgeous graphics to prop up her homepage.

As her project began to grow, her traffic was pitiful. The problem was she had chosen keywords that had too few search counts. A sneaky little trick local SEO experts use to prove they’re getting you ranked is to choose broad search keywords instead of exact-searched phrases. The difference?

  • Broad keyword phrases may or may not include all words
  • Exact-searched phrases include ALL words

This is monster important. If you search for a phrase such as ‘PC computer repair Dallas’ to find search counts, a broad search will produce any results with these variations…

  1. PC computer repair Dallas
  2. PC computer
  3. PC computer repair
  4. Computer repair
  5. Computer repair Dallas
  6. Repair Dallas
  7. PC repair
  8. PC Dallas
  9. Dallas PC

The problem is all these variations don’t benefit you if you sell PC computer repair in the Dallas area. The reason is you’re competing with too many other sites for all these phrases.

Exact-Searched Counts & Local SEO Experts

steel-app-icon-256Growing your traffic needs to include using exact-searched keywords with decent numbers of searches per month as your core target phrases. Too many local SEO experts get you ranked for phrases that have little to no monthly searches per month by people using the search engines.

By now you’re either confused or curious where local SEO experts find these search counts. I use a few different tools. Although I used Google Adwords and their free keyword tool for years, I now rely less on it.

The reason is they no longer support helping local SEO experts pinpoint whether a keyword phrase is exact or broad. There’s a work-around, however, Google is beginning to focus less on keywords for organic SEO.


They want you to invest your money in their pay-per-click (PPC) marketing instead of with local SEO experts. They make a lot more money when you spend it with them instead of with companies specializing in organic search. Another tool I use is one that gives me access to a Google database. The benefit is I get to see related keywords in exact-searched phrases along with precise monthly counts people search for each phrase.

Very few local SEO experts use this approach. Here’s a great video outlining how hackers posing as local SEO experts give you the impression they’re right for your project…

Local SEO Experts Who Know What the Hell They’re Doing…

One of the areas where local SEO experts miss opportunities in your hometown is in related keywords. They’re nearly as profitable as finding a bag of cash on the side of the road. Chances are good your competition isn’t even optimizing their site with related keywords. Why? These keys are hard to find for most local SEO experts who don’t do the mandatory research.

Think gold. As in finding longtail keywords that have nearly no competition. Most local SEO experts push you to go after huge keywords with thousand of searches a month. Sure, they’re great but they come with monster competition.

What Else?

Something I’ve found many local SEO experts ignore is the power of video. I know, it takes time to get good at video. But the benefit is exponential. When you’re speaking with  local SEO experts ask them to give you an outline how they implement video into your planning.

Nearly 70% of all Internet content consumed everyday is video. Working with local SEO experts which understand how to produce HD video is going to pay off exponentially. Believe me, investing your time and budget in video is the best thing you can do for your business and site conversions.

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