2015 Update: These bad boys from Boston sold their business. The jury is still out if their domain will be recovered. Thus, if you try to pull their rankings now you won’t see them anymore. 

Gobostonseo.com are a local SEO firm Boston. Having seen many firms offer pie-in-the-sky services, these guys actually deliver.

Only they had a monster problem in the summer of 2012. Zero rankings for their market. It’s actually common for agencies to suck at their own keywords. Why? It comes down to manpower. You can focus on client rankings or your own.

What We Did to Crank Their Local SEO Boston Exposure

Instead of boring you by writing a thousand words of text, I figured I would share what we did with a video screencast…

The next step helping these guys rank better was to update their site content almost daily. Mostly for relevancy factors which Google goes ga, ga over. Fresh content is one of the dirty little secrets of my process. But there’s a down side. You actually need to know what parts of your content to update everyday. Then even worse. You actually have to do it. Here’s a screenshot of some of their rankings…

local seo boston

Local SEO Boston & What It Really Takes to Crush It

What separates the good firms from the super duper ones is staying power. Consistently cranking out fresh content takes three things:

  1. A brain
  2. Energy
  3. Genuine local SEO Boston prowess
  4. Expertise in Google relevancy standards

That’s it. Meaning you need to be smart enough to know what’s going to increase your rankings. Then you need effort with daily doses of bona fide work. Hmmm…really? Yup.

Another mission-critical key to local SEO Boston domination is building your story. Do you have one? I’m not asking about all the stuff you sell. Instead, do you have a softer side to your site content? It’s a must for Google relevancy reasons because…

  • They now use semantic keyword metrics through your site
  • That means you need related keywords in your content
  • Then 5-10,000 words of genuine text
  • Next, plenty of video (some embedded in YouTube)
  • Local SEO Boston is super competitive

The slant most local SEO Boston firms pull when you first chat with them is to get you thinking about social media. Sure it’s hot but in the scheme of ranking well, it has very little impact. Instead, I recommend my clients invest in rock-solid onpage content to meet tough Google standards of relevancy.

It works. Need proof? Watch another local SEO Boston case study.