Funny story–a few months ago a new client asked me why there’s so few local business SEO people doing reliable work. Hmmm…I thought. Actually, I wanted to reply with an honest assessment of how this industry is rampant with backwards thinking hacks. I try to avoid slamming other business owners. So instead, I told her I had no clue.

Think about it.

There’s going to be super top-notch firms you simply can’t afford. Then middle of the packers doing pretty good work. Next, the dopes who charge almost nothing. When I chat up local business SEO with a company interested in partnering with my firm, it’s always more about growing their business than ranking #1.

“Huh,” you’re thinking? You probably thought the goal was to rank on top of Google right? Nope, not at all.

If you’re thinking about hiring local business SEO help, here’s a video to give some things to consider…

Local Business SEO & Conversion (ya baby, that’s the ticket)

  • Here’s where most firms drop the ball…
  • They ignore the importance of converting traffic
  • Too focussed on ranking
  • Ignore the balance between good rankings and conversion
  • Think local business SEO is about being the top dog on Google
  • Have little experience in growing your business
  • Place ROI on your shoulders instead of theirs

Now for the kicker. Even if you rank well, the chances of you converting traffic into prospects and sales is mighty slim.

Damn. Why?

Local business SEO is the bait. Next, your investment gets funneled into someone’s pocket. If you’re lucky, you’ll start ranking. But if I had a nickel for every time I’ve heard stories from clients how none of their traffic turned into prospects, I’d be living in the tropics counting my money. Too few local business SEO geeks understand the finer nuances of conversion consulting.local business seo

More About Local Business SEO and Snagging Sales

Growing your business is hard work. Duh. But what’s really needed is making a connection with your prospects.

Do you build trust and credibility in your site content? Are you relying too much on text and graphics? If so, don’t beat yourself up. But you should start thinking about video. There’s too much competition in local business SEO to avoid using video to convert your traffic into believers of your brand.

Need more free advice?┬áReady my search┬áprimer guide. It’s more than 2700 words with 3 videos so kick back and enjoy it here: local business SEO.