What’s pretty amazing is when you see international SEO clients get global coverage of their sites. It doesn’t happen too often but oh boy, when it does, it’s fantastic.

Back in 2011 Keith Kerwin and I began working together. His market was global so international SEO was a must. Because his backyard is the Pyrenees mountains northwest of Barcelona Spain, his site targets people all over the world. Primarily folks looking for vacation homes in the area.

International SEO & Keith’s Success Video…

As you probably gather, getting free publicity from the NY Times is huge. But remember, international SEO won’t guarantee you’ll land such massive exposure. However, don’t think it’s push-button-easy.

international seoYour best first step is to pinpoint target keywords that are…

  • Searched monthly
  • Match your product or service
  • Have exact searches (not broad)
  • Are able to convert traffic

International SEO Planning

Every country has its own version of Google, Yahoo! and Bing. So it’s important to understand how to optimize text for your target regions. Another suggestion is to think about using a language translation app. These days, they automatically detect the country your traffic resides and offers to translate into their local language.

Although, be careful. International SEO and language issues can turn away site traffic that isn’t quite sure your content is best suited for them. I recommend you simplify your site content so that a majority of traffic reaches pages designed for their interests combined with how it relates to their area.

International SEO is a bit different than local. The reasons are significant because of how Google handles relevancy scores for each country. Ultimately, over time and rock-solid text and video content you can develop enormous rankings. But beware. Because Google updates their algorithms over 600 times a year, chances are you’ll see dips in your ranks. So planning long-term is a must.

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