Wow-wee they use to say back in the 1950’s–but now you’re thinking it and you’re about ready to hire SEO expert help. Doing so will only make a difference in your business if you hire right.

Years ago when I was about to hire SEO expert consultants for the national ad agency I was employed, I was clueless.

This was back in 2003.

I had no idea what to ask nor even consider. So I thought it may be helpful to write a post (along with a video) about how to how to hire SEO expert firms without going bonkers or worse. Investing your money with the wrong people.

Hire SEO Expert Video


Okay, so if you’ve watched it you probably get an idea what to think about before you hire SEO expert people to cruise your site upward on Google. Although there’s a few more points to consider:

  • Make sure you can chat with them by telephone (duh)hire seo expert
  • You would be amazed how many hide behind email
  • Hire SEO expert advisors with credible case studies
  • Expect things to take a while to kick in
  • Develop a monthly budget and stick to it
  • Build an achievable plan
  • Look for ones that specialize in video
  • Plan on a set-up fee
  • Invest in someone who does content management
  • Seek ones that also offer graphic design

When Not to Hire SEO Expert Help

Don’t even think about it if you’re strung out on what’s hot and trendy.

This industry is laden with pipe dreams. Plus, even the guy bagging groceries at Stop and Shop has an opinion how to get your site ranked. The times when not to hire SEO expert freelancer types is when you’re under-funded. Money is required silly!

But you don’t need to sell your kids nor take a second mortgage on your house.

Instead, try to hire SEO expert people that are sympathetic to your goals. Avoid chop shops who have a gazillion clients. Chances are mighty big you’ll suffer coughing up a big pile of dough only to discover customer service is awful.

There are hundreds of ways to make the wrong decision. The real challenge when you’re ready to hire SEO expert help is to focus more on the person than the firm. Every task they choose to do can either increase or decrease your rankings. Ouch, it sucks. However, the path of least damage is best. Beware when you hire SEO expert people with magic pill ideas. They almost always fail.

Need help? Learn what else it takes to hire SEO expert geeks.