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Google Places

In many markets, Google Places is becoming prevalent above organic rankings. Are you starting to see your competition above your Places listing? Or worse:

  • You don’t have a Places account
  • If you do, yours is #12 instead of #1
  • Everything you try doesn’t raise your position

It will come back to bite you. Your niche or target service keywords may not currently be appearing in Places search standards yet. However, Google is rolling out more listings by the second.


What We Do

Our approach to Places is different than most other firms. We actually build specific videos for your Places account. The reason your competition outranks you is because their Places listing is optimized for the keywords you both share. After analyzing thousands of keywords this year reviewing the top listings on Google we guarantee you one thing.

Places is becoming much more prevalent in thousands of markets across the U.S. How this effects your SEO is exponential. Ignoring your Places listing (if you don’t have one, get one today) will create competition chaos no matter what you’re selling.

That’s why we recommend building an organic SEO plan together with your Places listing. Doing so along with credible link citations is our approach along with video.

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