For all of you fear mongering site owners, Google Panda 4 was rolled out last night (as well as the Payday algo update a few days ago).

So are you quaking in your boots yet? Ebay, Ask and plenty of other major .COMs have already taken it on the chin in the last few days. Why?

Really bad site content. In millions of cases, duplicate content stolen, scraped and ripped from other sites. Listen my friends, if you’re not into writing, I get it. Having written for TV and radio in my former career, I sympathize with getting started.

google panda 4

Google Panda 4 Breakdown

Honestly, Google Panda 4 is a bit cryptic. If you search online for the exact nuts and bolts what it involves, you’ll be bummed to learn there’s few tips to sink your teeth into.

Hmmmm…so how do you know if you were hit by Google Penguin 4? You don’t and won’t. I know, it’s very frustrating. You read how things are changing. But then there’s no road map to know if you’re in full compliance.

Think about two things for Google Pandan 4:

  1. Over-optimized gateway pages
  2. Scraped or duplicate stolen content

Here’s an example of one of Ebay’s gateway page listings a few days ago that has been crushed by Google Penguin 4.


This second graphic is their Tampa Rays doorway pages. Notice how the sidebar links on the left are keyword-rich. Of course the thin content on the detail page is a dead giveaway why they lost mongo organic rankings in the last few days…

google penguin 4

So what does this stuff mean for your SEO?

Google Panda 4 is targeting sites with weak content. Then knocking them into the dirt in terms of organic ranking.

Google Panda 4 and Worthy Content

It’s been a trend going on for about two years now. If your site doesn’t offer genuine, rich text and video content to your visitors, you’re going to suffer permanently in organic rankings. I know, it sucks. But how do you fix it?

Write dummy! Everyday.

Here’s my approach on what I do for my own SEO as well as my client partner sites:

  • Wake up, drink coffee (two sugars, light cream)
  • Pick a longtail keyword phrase with 100+ searches a month
  • Write about the phrase
  • Focus on why people suffer about the topic
  • Then ease into problem resolution
  • Optimize your text to about 2.0% keyword density
  • Publish one new page or post per day (1 keyword each)
  • Bonus: add video embedded in your content

Oops. You’re not a writer? Many site owners who have survived Google Panda 4 aren’t either. But they find a freelancer (think broke English major college student) to crank it out for them.

How much content do you need? I go with at least 500 words per new post. Although I do have some pages on this site with more than 2500. It depends on the subject but what works very well is consistency. The G-dog loves new, fresh content. Some of my client sites have been ranked with nothing more than rock-solid, genuine text content.

Beware. Google Panda 4 is here to stay and will be bulling and thrashing your site if you ignore investing in quality content. Need more help? Check out more posts related to Google Panda 4 and search stuff that will rock your rankings.