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free seo auditA free SEO audit offer is usually a complete joke. We do all our audits manually with video. Yes, you read that sentence right. We do it with video screencasting. We’ve all tried those bogus site audits. You fill in your url on some audit form and click send. Soon you get a convoluted crap-generated file how your site is a disaster. Why? They’re all created using automation based on outdated Google algorithms. Next they usually have a great suggestion. Pay them exorbitant fees to make the repairs. Below is a sample video screencast audit I did for a site owner in Australia.

Free SEO Audit Studies Don’t Fix Anything

Here’s the bummer part about any free SEO audit: they only show you what you need. When you go into this sort of thing, be very cautious. Free SEO audits can give you a glimmer of hope. But there’s always a lot of heavy lifting to fix everything you’re lacking. If you already know your problems but need help with anything, get in touch with my free SEO audit team who can guide you. But then again, keep one thing in mind: a free SEO audit usually brings anguish. So you need to understand there will be bad news.

Fill out the form and include your site url, market ( local, national or global traffic) and your target keywords. Usually we’ll have your free SEO audit video to you within 24 hours.

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jamestestPeter, thank you for helping me with my Google Penguin recovery. It wasn’t easy but over time we were able to get back to ranking high on Google. I’m glad I found you.

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