If you ask any expert SEO sales geek about social media, they’ll probably drool all over themselves spouting off the benefits. If you’re one of these types, don’t bother reading further than this sentence. Okay, so I’ve been accused of being anti-social.

The truth? Guilty as charged.

Say what? You probably thought it wasn’t even possible to rank on the first page of Google without some goofball expert SEO type ranting how you need to do it.

Wrong. Actually, social is about the biggest smoke and mirrors gag after cheesy card tricks.

The real issue isn’t whether you buy into all the top expert SEO firms going all ga-ga with social. To me, it’s a question of hierarchy of your priorities.

expert seoExpert SEO Social Media Quiz

  1. Do you want to rank on Google. Yahoo! & Bing?
  2. If yes to #1, does your site have 10-20,000 words?
  3. If no to #2, you fail the quiz.
  4. If yes to #1 & #2, your site content isn’t optimized correctly for your keywords

You have a choice:

  • Spend time posting on your social networks
  • Invest time optimizing your site

So what’s your choice? My position on social’s impact on expert SEO is the opposite of everyone else. Choose wisely where you invest your time for the best ROI. That’s it. I’ll bet you only have XX amount of time to put into your site (unless your expert SEO dude does it).

Most site owners I meet have nearly no time nor interest adding 1000 words of optimized text to their sites. Even expert SEO firms struggle with it. So why in the heck would you want to fizzle away your fragments of time posting to socials?

Sounds pretty dumb to me.

But I know what you’re thinking. Why is it wherever you look online every expert SEO guru tells you to do social? I mean come on–if you just look at the quantify of sites pushing this Internet street drug you would think they must be right. Who am I to challenge such a massive tribe?

dirtyThe Dirty Little Expert SEO Secret

Time and relevancy. Think nothing else but how much time you have and how relevant your stupid Facebook posts relate to your target audience. If time is tight, do you really think gagging your Twitter followers with manufactured tweets is going to increase sales?

The reason so many expert SEO dopes push social is because it’s a simple way of benchmarking success.

“Gee, you had 10 Likes this week,” they email you. I love this one, “63 more Twitter followers have come in last month.”

Who cares is what you need to be asking yourself. Do you honestly think anyone cares about your kids birthday party Facebook posts? What about your company party pictures? Maybe a lame camera phone video will work?

Stop the madness and get real…

When Social is Smart

Every expert SEO consultant will approach your site’s ranks on the shortest distance between doing “some work” on your account and showing results. Less means they’ll make more money off of you.

Social is a good thing to do after you start getting your site ranked for your target keywords. Oh-oh. Keywords? But which ones? Two sets. First, ones that are achievable to get in the top 50 on G/Y/B. The next are keys searched thousands of times a month that will take a long time to rank.

This approach is not easy. Just ask any expert SEO fraud and they’ll probably roll their eyes.

But back to when social is a good idea: my expert SEO suggestion is to set up your networks once you’re starting to rank in the top 50 for some of your keywords. Remember though, social content needs to come after you have 450-1500 words of optimized text per target keyword in your first list.

Doing both won’t work. It’s usually way too much work for most expert SEO hacks. They simply don’t have the writing skills nor attention to detail. Pick your expert SEO poison folks. You can either go all hunky dory posting to your socials or invest time in your site content.┬áInvesting will provide you a positive exponential ROI.

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