Your rankings are 100% related to how Google compares your site content to others. Ever heard this before? Probably not.

Let me guess. What you hear and read is all about backlinks. Build ’em. Create tons. Buy ’em if you dare. Syndicate truckloads. Push ’em out, more is better right? Although it would be super cool to see backlinking work like it did years ago, it’s now bad advice.

But why?

Well, for starters Google has a monster handle on detecting whether your links are natural or manufactured. It’s kind of their business right? So why is the SEO industry still addicted to link, linking, spamming and piling them up faster than WalMart’s building new stores?

Going all ga, ga thinking a bunch of links will get you ranked is easy to believe. Got a headache? Why take two ibuprofen when four is better right? We live in a society where more bandwidth, money and easy buttons are in hot demand. So how does more prove to Google you’re worthy of top positions?

100% Not Backlinks

Think about it. If all you needed were 10,000 high-PR links to rank, wouldn’t syndication softwares be sold on every corner? Well, they are out there. Ones like SE Nuke and a few dozen others all do one thing: automate the backlinking process.

The answer? Content, content and more content. Then keep updating it. I know, it’s too simple to work right? Why on earth would sitting down and writing everyday get you ranked on Google? Hmmm…one word: quality.

If you think about Google’s business model, they want what? To hook you up with what you’re looking for online. End of story.

Do they want you to weed through 19 pages of search results to find your stuff? Duh!

One of the most profound things you can do for your site rankings is write. Then do some more. After that, start over.

Is that it? Nope.

My approach is to optimize content to comply with Google relevancy standards. It’s not rocket science but does involve building more value in your site content than your competition. Not just in text either. For example, when you embed optimized video on your site it triggers relevancy scores. The more video and text you offer with genuine quality the more you will improve your rankings.

For fear of sounding like an anti-backlining radical, they can help. But don’t go out and build thousands of them thinking they’ll make a dent. Links will come naturally. I know as I’ve had clients that ranked very well on Google with ZERO built backlinks.

Do they have links? Yes–but 100% of them all developed naturally over time.

What Types of Content Works?

I use problem-resolution writing as one approach.

Think about your target audience. What kinds of whoas do they suffer? Find out and solve them. Or at least give them genuine help how to resolve their challenges.

Customer testimonials and stories work well too. But don’t lie! If you don’t have testimonials or real customer stories how you helped them, forget about it. Don’t go there.

If you do have stories how you solved problems, tell them. Become an authority in what you sell or service. Avoid framing your recollection how you swooped in and saved the world. A good dose of humility goes a long way.

People love stories. Who isn’t a news junky? The more you share yourself and your problem-resolution expertise the better off your content will sell your services.

Stay Clear of I

I see this all the time. “I can rank you #1. I did this, did that, I, I, I…”

No one cares about you. Sorry. Instead, they want to know what you can do for them. It’s more about perspective and service than you and your story.

When you remove I and focus on them, you’ll capture reader attention and new customers.