A new year always comes with a few bad memories. Although I am more of a forward thinking type of person I must confess I’ve heard my share of SEO hiring nightmares.

Last week a woman sent me an email asking for help. She had been duped by more than one firm promising the world to her in rankings. I asked if she would be willing let me share her comments in this post. She said yes so here we go.

Please note: she’s not a client of mine. Well, yet. It’s important you know that as her words are not an endorsement of my services. But I found her frustrations similar to what I hear from companies that consider partnering with me.

Dear Peter-

If you’re anything like I am, you run into so-called gurus in the SEO world. Well, here’s my story…

The last firm I paid to get my site in the top 20 on Google stopped responding to my emails and calls. What was frustrating to me was their cheap price came with the same cheap service. Too little progress on my site content updates. But then it got worse. My rankings went down. Something about spam backlinks I think.

Before them I used two different freelancers. One was pretty hard on the ears with the english language. The other wanted me to spend $1000 a month in adwords. Peter, I write these words to you because it’s just so hard to get honest help getting my site ranked. Uggg!

No expert in SEO will tell you what you “should” pay. But come on! Isn’t there a few affordable firms that actually respond to email and do Skype calls???


My Thoughts

This industry is laden with creeps, geeks and far too many freaks. The problem gets worse. You’re buying something so few people even understand. So trust in their credibility is the major issue. Having worked with hundreds of site owners since 2007, here’s a few tips I recommend if you’re thinking of spending money on SEO…

  • You’re not buying just SEO
  • You are buying service from a person (hopefully)
  • So communication skills are vital
  • You should be able to pick up the phone and speak with them
  • If you can’t, walk away
  • Get references
  • Not just emails-telephone numbers are a must

Lastly, go slow. Take time to review their credentials and client case studies.