2016 Update: clients come and they go. Joe and I remain good friends but he chose to take his SEO by the horns himself. So if you try pulling his rankings they may not be quite what you see in the video screencast below.

If you ever wanted to catch a big, fat 50 lb. King Salmon, Joe Hanes is the only Alaska fishing guide to hire. Joe came to us in 2011 wanting not only a new website design but also to build rankings for his site alaskafishmagnet.com.

Specifically for long tail keywords. Here’s a video case study of Joe’s rankings…

The state of Alaska is pretty big. So was his competition. The fishing industry is as big as the fish they catch.

What We Did First

Our first task was to retool his new website purely for SEO.

Too many site designers think of search engine optimization as something other people do.


Because they place too much focus on first building a site that’s pretty. Bad idea. Sites designed to rank on the top of Google always start with SEO.

So for Joe, we targeted 8 keywords related to Alaska fishing.

But the problem was, Joe’s annual budget was thinner than lake trout in early spring. So we scaled his project down to come in at the right number. The goal is some SEO is better than none over time. Joe’s ranks prove it.

What We Did Next

We helped Joe develop not only a new site but also one that was optimized for Google compliance.

For example, we built url structures around his keywords. Next, we wrote text and produced videos for targeted keywords (1 key per post or page). Remember, ranks change all the time so the goal is to monitor them everyday and adjust content accordingly for Google relevancy.