Ranking #1 for a set of keywords is everyone’s dream. However, can you afford it? Do you need to?janalgof

These two questions are what most business owners never ask. Having been working in this industry for years, I have research that will knock your socks off:

  1. Ranking #1 is possible on Google
  2. It takes 800 lb gorilla efforts to do so
  3. The issue is competition
  4. Then overcoming Google algorithm updates
  5. One day you’re #9
  6. Then a new algo drops you to #62

So the $64,000 question is what do you do? Throw more money at ranking #?

Here’s why. Ranking #1 doesn’t do squat if your site isn’t converting traffic into prospects. Thereafter, into leads and sales, clients or new patients.

2013 SEO: Mission-Critical Advice

SEO for 2013 and beyond is now about content management for revelancy. Google wants to serve up relevant sites to their searchers. End of story. Throwing money at ranking higher with deception SEO tactics is a pipe dream.

So is this post merely written to sway you into settling? Not even close. My client partners that are making money are doing it through their sites doing the following:

  • Penguin-proof their site content for relevancygoogleupdate
  • Restructure their on page to comply with Google standards
  • Build high-quality, genuine backlinks (slowly)
  • Develop their site content for their keywords
  • Use video for SEO and site conversion
  • Then do it again and again

It’s not rocket science. But it is highly specific and consistent.

What Next?

If you’re reading this far you probably have a problem. What factors do you consider when spending money monetizing your site in 2013? I recommend the basics:

  • Review your Google Analytics
  • Evaluate your average visitor duration (20 secs sucks, 2-5 minutes is fab)
  • Look at your bounce rate
  • Is it above 75%? If so, your site isn’t reaching your target customers
  • Pinpoint the % source of your traffic (search, referral & direct)
  • Next, research a handful of keywords to rank

My site converts like crazy on relevant traffic. My average visitor duration is huge. Bounce rate is trending down (time measurement of how long visitors reach your site and then leave).

Think free. As in drop me a line. I’ll review your data in a video screencast and give you free advice what I would change to improve your situation. 2013 and beyond is going to be spectacular for companies with an SEO/conversion plan. It will be pitiful for those that don’t.