You’re probably dumbfounded trying to figure out the best SEO firms to do your site right? It’s maddening when you start comparing one to the other. But why?

For starters, no two are alike silly:-). Since 2001, I’ve been consulting with some of the best SEO firms. Back in the day, I was hiring them for my clients working for a national advertising agency.

In 2007, I got sick and tired of burning through them so I started my own firm. I can assure you many of them suck for the following reasons (this is the dirty dozen but there’s hundreds of more)…

  1. best seo firmsThis industry changes by the week
  2. Most firms outsource their work to third-world countries
  3. Many of them are blatant liars
  4. These days none of them do video SEO you can afford
  5. All of them still rely on spammy backlinks
  6. Few understand how to produce HD video that helps convert your customers
  7. Plenty of them get you ranked for keywords with ZERO search counts
  8. 3/4 of these hacks need hundreds of clients to make money
  9. So you become a pain in the ass instead of a valued client
  10. They almost never answer the phone
  11. Nearly all of them lack SEO writing skills
  12. Too few of them understand how to help you convert prospects into sales

Here’s a video outlining how many of the best SEO firms trick you into believing they can get you ranked…

The grandaddy dilemma you’re probably pulling your hair out over is how do you evaluate the best SEO firms? Think less is more.

Best SEO Firms & Less Infrastructure

When you’re evaluating the best SEO firms, guess what? You think you need to hire a company. But actually that’s the last thing you should be considering in your quest to improve your rankings and convert sales.


Many of the best SEO firms rely too much on the hierarchy of the traditional business model. First you speak with some goof off in sales. I’m not trying to bash them but honestly, salespeople will tell you anything to hook you as a customer. They know nothing what goes into some of the best SEO firms except they get a commission if you lay out your cash.

Soon an Account Manager (AM) starts ‘overseeing’ your project. These people know less than the salespeople. So now you have two people involved in helping you grow your business that each have no real knowledge what it takes. Keep reading. It gets wildly worse…

The AM pretends to be in charge. Really they’re more of a glorified task master. He or she takes inquiries from the client and sends them down to the basement dwellers. These folks are the ones who are often the least paid yet drive your growth. Oops–I forgot the secret layer of site designers. They’re graphic designers and coders who usually are gifted in making things look pretty.

Are you getting a sense there’s too many dopes involved? Good.

Lean, Mean Best SEO Firms

On the other side are companies that are rock-solid grunts helping clients cruise to more earnings. In my experience, these kind of diehards are small shops that have a very small handful of honest, smart people.

The reason smaller outfits continually grow is there’s a monster demand to work with these firms. You may not know this but working with some of the best SEO firms requires a financial commitment on your end.

If you’re looking for a quick one or two month miracle, you’re doomed. Ranking your site takes time. Especially these days when so much of reaching the first page on Google requires genuine relevancy standards. But ranking is no longer enough.

Conversion is actually one of the secrets that so many of the best SEO firms ignore. When I refer to conversion, I’m talking about capturing your traffic into a prospect. Forget about sales for a minute. The average visitor frequency is between 5-7 times before your traffic will even consider purchasing your goods, services or products.

Too many of the best SEO firms ignore the issue of conversion. I’ve seen companies flop on their asses despite ranking on the first pages of G/Y/Bing. The cause of their burn factor was they had no clue how to implement conversion elements into their site design.

Learn more about conversion working with the best SEO firms (that don’t suck).

Video & the Best SEO Firms

Are you still relying on text to convert your traffic? Ouch.

Another problem with more than 90% of the best SEO firms is they have limited resources to produce broadcast-quality HD video for you. The good ones outsource their video production. But they’ll ding you between $450-$500 for each video. Damn that sucks right?

I know, this is a lot to think about. However, give the concept of video some thought. It can be intimidating but will grow your business. When you’re ready to dive in be certain you invest your time and money speaking with the best SEO firms that include free video production.