samtestI needed someone stateside to help my Australian clients rank better on Google AU. Peter, thanks for the amazing work you’ve done and advice along the way. Business is great and getting better everyday thanks to your whitehat approach to SEO. Cheers Mate!!!!!!!

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Sam Davies

Do You Have a 30 Second Commercial? 

If your about page visitors care less about you (or me) what do they care about? Nothing but themselves.  So you need a 30 second commercial how your products or services benefit them.

Here’s mine:

I help business owners rank their sites higher and convert their traffic using 100% relevant content for Google compliance. I do this using video SEO.  But I don’t do it for 100 clients.  Client service is more important to me than working with hundreds of accounts. Just a small handful keeps me happy. Plus I only work with good people interested in Google compliant SEO developing better site conversions.

Does What You Offer Benefit Them? 

The next element on your About page should focus on value. Here’s mine:

I am passionate about client partnerships. Not just being another lame vendor. My goal is to help them carve out enormous ROI of their online advertising expense (my fee).

My client partners stick around with me for years because of two reasons. Access and success. I don’t live in some offshore third-world country dabbling in this stuff as a hobby. So when you reach out to me with a question, concerns or even a major meltdown, I’m on it fast. Not in days. Usually hours.


This is something you should have hard-coded into your about page. Mainly to entice a next step for the visitor.

If you’re not helping your visitors move along your sales funnel, you’re wasting massive amounts of your site content. Some sites strive to harvest contact information. Usually with a form and a free offer  in exchange for contact information (name, email address etc).

I don’t. Instead, I want you to navigate to the most important page on this site. My honest policy page about my SEO formula.

What’s Your Story?

Do you have one? If not, you’re missing an opportunity to share why you deserve their business. Share a line or two about your story. Here’s mine:

When I started my SEO firm in 2007, I wanted to be a partner to my clients. Not just an outsourced vendor. It’s truly a matter of accountability in my business philosophy. You have thousands of choices which SEO firm you hire. However, people (hopefully the best ones) are 100% part of the equation.

Open communication is vital to success. I reply to my full service client partner emails promptly. If you wish to chat by telephone or Skype, I’m available.

  • Expert at SEO, PCC and video marketing 97%
  • Flexibility in customizing my service fees for your budget. 81%
  • Ability to understand how to grow your business. 94%

My name is Peter David Gustafson.

I live on the coast of southern Maine, USA. Since 2007, I’ve been doing SEO full time. My client partners are worldwide. Some in Spain. A few in Australia and the others are scattered around the globe with about half in the U.S. No matter what type of SEO, reputation management or Penguin repair my firm does, it’s 100% Google compliant.


  • B.A. Mass Media Writing University of Southern Maine
  • 3.33 graduating G.P.A.
  • Stonecoast Writers’ Fellow recipient 1997, 1998
  • Senior Account Executive for a national media agency 1999-2007
  • Expertise in HD video production, video SEO

My goal is to work with a handful of good site owners that want to rank better and convert more of their traffic into prospects and then sales.

SEO changes by the day. So we’ve built our business on creating rock-solid relevant content and video SEO. Face it. If you want to rank #1 you’re going to either need deep pockets full of cash to spend or patience.

Even if you achieve #1 on Google, you may not convert your traffic. So that’s why we also manage your site conversion elements.

Who Am I?

– I’m a Dad of 3 super cool kids (although they think I’m a geek:-)
– These days all I do is consult my clients full-time in SEO and content management for conversion (text and video)

In 2007, I left my position as a script writer, account executive and media analyst working for a national advertising agency.

My clients were in some of the biggest media markets in the U.S. spending between $20k-$150k a month in advertising.

But quality of life was more important to me than racking up all those miles flying 10-15 days per month away from my family. Fast forward to today and I continue to be blessed with fantastic clients. Plus plenty of time with my family.

This site is designed to do two things. First, to find good client partners. Second, to teach you how to improve your site SEO and content for relevancy. Then help you convert your traffic into prospects and sales.

For example, did you know one of the top three visited pages on most sites is the ‘about’ page.

Do you know the good mechanics of an about page? I can boil it down for you.No one cares about you. Sorry, I know, it’s kind of harsh. But it’s true.

People visit your about page for one reason. To determine if you’re credible. Then evaluate whether or not they can trust you.

So forget about bombarding your traffic with blah, blah, blah banter describing what you do in your free time.

Or worse: where you went to school, your GPA and how you enjoying sailing with friends on the weekends. Remember, NO ONE cares.

Instead, they want the goods on you in terms of what you can do to grow their business.

What is Your USP?

Here’s my unique selling proposition: site owners who are serious about ranking better and converting their site traffic should understand three things:

  1. It requires 100% fresh, genuine content (text and video) with zero spam backlinks.
  2. You must have a monthly budget allocated.
  3. If your site isn’t built for conversion no rankings in the world will help you grow.

If you would like a free initial consultation about your website and SEO growth opportunities, please contact me.

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