Okay, so all the news about about the benefits of hiring a YouTube video marketing company are not entirely truthful. Actually, almost everything you’ve read is wrong. Well, perhaps that’s too bold but keep reading to learn why.

The problem is every basement dweller with an Internet connection has suddenly become an expert. Views, annotations, backlinks, blah, blah, blah are what they profess is the secret sauce to success.

If it was that simple, my 10 year old daughter could do it. She’s pretty smart but there’s 9 things you need to consider before pulling the trigger.

Relax. There’s no selling involved in this post. My business is thriving. But I felt it was time to write a detailed article outlining what I require for my new YouTube channel optimization clients. You can steal it all or take everything you’re about to read and hand it off to your guru.

9 YouTube Video Marketing Company Essentials

#1. Channel integrity. Nothing drives me crazier than finding out your channel has copyright infringement warnings. If you don’t own the content, don’t use it. Pretty simple right? Nope. Forbes agrees and reveals in their December 2013 article why you should stay clear of sneaky piracy.

In a In this digital age there are millions of channels getting kicked to the curbside and shut down. What you don’t want to see in your email is something like this…

youtube video marketing companyNot fun. So if you’re interviewing a YouTube video marketing company, ask them about their philosophy on copyrighted content. If they give you some lame response how it’s all good, run the other way.

youtube video marketing company#2. Is there even a market for your products or services? Ranking very high on my pissed off scale is the bait and switch tactic.

Often YouTube video marketing company salespeople get paid on orders. So they’ll jam you into some goofy package that won’t help you sell more product and services.

Think about your business. Then grab a cup of coffee or tea and do some research. Specifically in the search volume for keyword phrases searched every month on Google/YouTube which relate to your business.

If there’s only 10 people a month looking for your phrases, be very careful. Often the ROI is pretty dumb if you select the wrong keywords.

There’s a few option to do free research with the Google Keyword Tool. Or your doll out some dough for a paid subscription to SEMRush.

Too many YouTube video marketing company gurus really don’t take keyword research seriously, Not sure why except it’s probably to prove they can get you ranked for phrases that have zero search counts. Who the hell cares about getting a video ranked #1 in the land of who cares?

#3. Are your keywords consumer-focused? Face it. You don’t want to waste your budget on getting ranked only to discover the people watching are doing so to learn. Don’t get me wrong. I tell my kids all the time to get good at becoming lifelong learners.

Therefore, whatever YouTube video marketing company is vying for your business needs to prove they’re kick ass at pinpointing the best set of keywords.

#4. Keyword relevancy. Think back to high school. You hung around with kids that shared common interests. For some of you, it was smoking or running from the law (hopefully you didn’t get caught).

Many of you did sports, drama, music or just about anything to forget the insanity of being a teenager. My point is you could relate to them because you shared commonalities that related to your interests.

Ranking your videos on YouTube is no different. But with one minor twist. Be smart and ask your YouTube video marketing company if they will optimize your videos for related keyword phrases. Why? Because you can get one video ranked for multiple keys. Kind of cool eh? Watch the following client video case study to learn how…


#5, Are your videos already published? If so, I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news but they’ll need to be re-published. Most YouTube video marketing company experts go about this issue ALL WRONG.

Often they’ll try to optimize your live videos but it never works. Honestly, it’s not a big deal. For many publishof my clients I offer a few scenarios:

  1. Keep the original video.
  2. Then modify it slightly and publish it again.
  3. Delete original and go with the new optimized one.

Which way is best? Well, it depends how smart your YouTube video marketing company understands how to help you grow your business. If your original video has 10,000 views, I recommend keeping it published. There’s no good reason to walk away from all that social credibility. But even if it only has 100 views, why abandon it? When in doubt, keep the original and republish provided you understand YouTube duplicate video content compliance.


Yuppers. If you try to upload the same video into your account twice, you get shut down. YT won’t accept the second upload as it’s identical to another video in your channel.

My approach is to edit the raw video. Nothing mongo big but rather make small edits to the timing and color at the end. Doing so creates a different video (at least in YouTube’s eyes) and we’re off to the races. Most YouTube video marketing company staffers don’t even consider such an easy solution.

#6. Do you have video thumbnail artwork? You better. I have clients that receive 25% of their video view minutes from sidebar videos. Do you know
Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 1.16.51 PMwhy? Eye candy. Well, and I developed a proprietary way to optimize thumbnail art.

YouTube video marketing company designers can help you develop one. I strongly urge you to keep it simple and about your brand. I know what you’re thinking. You’ve seen many custom thumbnails right?

Although they can add value to a specific video, I don’t recommend too much customization for one reason: thumbnails are designed to represent your brand.

Plus when reduced to thumbnail size, you don’t have too much acreage for text. So whatever text you have in your thumb needs to be beefy big in font size.

#7. Cards. This dynamic duo will either make your marketing profitable or turn it into a sleeper dud. Cards are hyperlinked visuals you can embed at any point on your video. Then link out to any page on your site provided the link is confirmed through your account settings.

Very few YouTube video marketing company consultants understand that you want the biggest bang for your buck. So be very careful. You want as many opportunities to lead your viewers toward a custom page to take a next step.

For one my clients, I built a custom page for his free video series offer. Here it is. He gets on average, between 200-250 click throughs per week. That’s free traffic and grows his list for the low, low price of nothing:-).

#8. Descriptions are vital to sharing information about your company. In fact, I require them as part of my optimization process. I’ve seen other YouTube video marketing company people ignore them completely. Big, fat mistake.


Click-through opportunities. At this writing, YouTube allows you between 3-5 links in your description content. Do you want an opportunity to sell more stuff? Duh! Again, being the fanatic about ROI, I require lengthy video descriptions for my client projects. I write them all and believe me, they work.

#9 View minutes, not views. Say what? Let’s dream. Pretend I gave you $5 million to produce and air a 30 second Superbowl TV commercial. I know, I’m such a nice guy right? Your spot would feature your company. But you had to choose one of these two options:

  • Get it front of 20 million viewers for one second
  • Or 2 million people who watched all 30 seconds

youtube_analytics_Views are irrelevant. View minutes are where the rubber meets the road. Think about it. Most YouTube video marketing company owners love to hang their hat on views for one damn reason: they kind of sorta suggest your video is getting traction.

Only, what they don’t tell you is the average viewer duration of the video. So it could be six seconds or twenty minutes.

YouTube analytics are a significant tool I use to help clients see the growth and engagement of their channels. Too few YouTube video marketing company analysts ignore the deep metrics available in your account.

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