So you’ve probably heard how everyone under the sun (and a few rocks) is claiming YouTube marketing is the next big thing. Is it true? Could it really help you generate hundreds of thousands of your customers all checking out your products and services?

Yes, big time, yuppers and absolutely.

Don’t bother reading this post if you don’t like money. Seriously, if you’re missing out on how borderline easy it is to grow your business with YouTube marketing videos, then you’re stuck in the ’90s. Harsh? Probably. But after nearly seven years working with some very sizable clients helping them get ranked on Google organic, I’ve come to a conclusion.

YouTube Marketing is 10,538% Easier Than Google Proper

youtube marketingBack in the day, here’s how my routine went for nearly seven years. Wake up. Drink copious amounts of coffee while listening to sports talk radio. Yes, it’s all about the Red Sox and Patriots in my world. Then I would pull client rankings where they showed up on Google and plan my day.

Next, I would evaluate oodles of backlinks, on-page elements and then spend 10-14 hours building high-quality backlinks manually. Then evaluate my progress and start all over again the next day. Hmmmm…kind of a sucky life? Roger that. But it worked for many of my clients and we were able to get them on the first page of Google after 3-6 months.

Everything changed on November 18, 2014. Of the hundreds of Google algorithm updates every year, this was the day they rolled out new ranking factors. Don’t ask me or anyone with half a brain what they were. No one knows unless your ID badge reads ’employee’ for the Google search division. All I can tell you is they changed the way small brick and mortar businesses could invest in getting ranked.

Suddenly it took being an authority site (think NYtimes; CNN yadda) to rank. Gosh, who has the deep pockets to compete with such powerhouse sites right? I felt the writing on the wall in most of 2014. My job was harder. Results didn’t always appear like they did for years. So around April of 2014, I started toying with how videos ranked on YouTube.

Honestly, it was more of a mad scientist experiment. The long story short of it was that I was able to pinpoint the factors involved proving to YouTube why my videos were more relevant than the other bazillions you watch.

YouTube marketing is monster easier than Google proper for one simple reason: it generates far more eyeballs to your product and services.

Can You Afford YouTube Marketing?

Yes and no.

Most companies or small site owners need to have three things:

1. Video that is engaging and produced with attention to detail.

2. A core set of target keywords related to your business.

3. Some type of budget to cover you for 90 days.

ytmarketingOne client I have generates between 5000-8000 views per week. Tell me how much it would cost you using traditional advertising methods (i.e. radio, TV or cable) to generate that many prospects? Even better, what would it cost you to get a few thousand people together every week to watch one of your TV spots?

You see, YouTube marketing is like having your own TV station where you only broadcast your ads. Hmmmm…are you starting to see the benefits yet? If not, keep reading…

 Why Video Rocks

Duh! Video is the granddaddy medium that drives the entire U.S. consumer retail market. Sure, radio comes in a very distant second. But video tells a story like no other medium for one simple, crazy silly reason.

It tells a phenomenal story. The benefit of investing your time and money in YouTube marketing is exponentially more groovy in the ROI department for obvious reasons. Ones such as you have a 24/7 advertising campaign that costs you nothing once your videos are produced and ranked on YouTube.

One of the first questions I  am asked by new clients interested in my YouTube Marketing Program is, “What if we don’t have any videos?” My answer? Hell, let’s produce some. It’s not rocket science producing a handful of broadcast-quality videos. I’ve been offering video production to a small, select group of my clients since 2007.

If you have interest in learning more about YouTube marketing, contact me today.