Gee, wouldn’t that be great news for my SEO firm?

Today I was perusing the search news and whamo. I found a snippet about an interview with Google’s Matt Cutts regarding his take on whether they will ever consider dropping all backlinks as ranking factors. If you heard a big, “Oh no,” rumbling around the world, it was probably the millions of basement dweller SEO gurus groaning after reading the headline.

The answer? Nope, notta, never gonna happen. Too bad too. My firm does things on the straightened arrow without using spammy backlinking techniques. I know, it’s hardly trendy. But it works for my clients who dominate the first few pages of the big, fat G.

The problem with G ignoring all backlinks boils down to user experience. Imagine you awaken to a gorgeous sunny morning to find your search results tanking? Search would be as good as a bag of rocks.

I can dream can’t I? Honestly, I’m not a fanatic about backlinks, just the deceptive ones that reside on freak show sites designed to be nothing more the sleezy flea market sites. Here’s my take on backlinks…

  • Yuppers, you need ’em
  • Nope, you don’t need crappy ones
  • Spam links will just get you penalized
  • Good, honest links will get you noticed by the search engines
  • Natural backlinks happen over time
  • So don’t do something dumb like create 10,00 of them

Only, you must be wondering what the hell right now. How do you get ’em when you can’t make ’em? Chill. They actually are built by people who like your content silly:-). Focus more on your site content and less about building zany spammies that are merely sold by SEO hacks who have nothing better to do.

Going all ga-ga over generating a gazillion backlinks is now considered taboo by Google. Since April 24, 2012, the Penguin algorithm actually penalizes your site using backlinking techniques.

Remember to relax. Ranking isn’t nearly all about deception despite everything you read.