Britni in Houston, Texas has become a mega-star in all things Minecraft. If you’re a parent of kids older than six, you know what I’m talking about. These days Minecraft is what roller skates keys and hoolah hoops were to kids growing up in ’50s. Fun.

She has a following of crazed kids who gobble up free tips on how to play the game better. But she’s unsure why list-building is worth the effort…


I read on your site a while back how your kids love MC. I have a blog that is getting popular and wonder if I should build a list is even worth my time? Come on, with youtube, why bother right? What’s your take?

-Britni [MC Swag Queen]

Well Brit–you are one of many MC-ers who are taking full advantage of all the rage. My 3 kids play everyday and watch tons of videos how to craft their trade. Excuse my pun:-). So why give a hoot about a list?

Duh! Once they opt-in, you own ’em. Like being able to…

  • Market to them
  • Announce new products
  • Share stories why people pay you $
  • Sell related products to subscribers

I know you’re probably groaning now. Listen, my kids subscribe to many youtubers who dominate MC. Ant Venom is one of their favorites. But in terms of monetizing your audience, you need direct contact to them. Thus, a genuine (think private) club where you can market and share your MC antics will be almost as nice as printing your own cash.

Too ┬ámany people think who would want to subscribe? Don’t go there. Yes you need an offer. I recommend a short video series to lure people into coughing up their email addresses. Make it real, not some lame PDF report.

One of my clients went this route years ago. He now has hundreds of high-paying clients who gobble up his video updates. Over time, your list will grow. Once you reach thousands you can actually make money from your list doing joint-venture offers with people in your industry with something to sell.

But it’s not all about selling. If you stay in touch with your list at least once per week you’ll become an authority in your niche. That leads to credibility and trust. Once an audience trusts you they will always be more eager to pony up a credit card to buy your stuff.