Today’s question comes from Irene in South Bend, Indiana…

Hi Peter-

My site is currently one of those Godaddy site builder type deals I built years ago. I keep reading how I should convert to a better CMS like WordPress. Is this true or just another scam?


Well Irene–you’ve hit on a few issues. First the Godaddy drama. The problems I’ve had with them is their site builder modules truly suck. Granted, it does help you build a simple site quickly. However, some of the code that drives their site builder is outdated.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s millions of people who love it. But for a business that wants to gain search engine ranking traction, this is about the last product I would use to build a site. I tell my clients to switch to WordPress. The reason is that WP handles SEO so much better than the dogs that help you build your site in simple steps.

The naysayers warn you WP is too limited in multimedia. That’s just total crapola. I’ve built many huge sites with dozens of videos embedded in content. The real homerun using WP is in the flexibility it gives you to grow. At some point you’ll probably want to change the look of your site. Or add customized forms and perhaps a membership backend which can be password protected.

WP does it all and comes with hundreds of thousands of plugins to add more levels of depth to your site functionality.

The real scoop? WP runs about 25% of the sites worldwide. So you can find people who specializing in WP programming at competitive prices. Irene, do yourself a favor and dive into WP fast. You will benefit from an SEO perspective as well. WP handles keyword tagging very easily.