You’re friends or business colleagues might be going all ga-ga over the hundreds of video sharing sites online. So which should you invest your time promoting your business or website? All of ’em? Not even close my friend.

Less is more. Focus on just YouTube and Vimeo. Forget about all the rest.

I know, you’re wondering what about all the exposure you can snag from Yahoo Screen and Bing? Don’t forget Megashare right? Be smart. Give yourself a break from thinking you need waste your time scrambling to syndicate your videos to the truckloads of video sharing sites.

novidsynHere’s why…

  1. Yahoo Screen is dead. They no longer support user uploads.
  2. Bing scoops up videos from Youtube so once you’re YTubing, you’re set.
  3. Megashare isn’t an easy site to upload your stuff. Plus, their user base is sketchy at best for your promotional efforts.
  4. The last time I checked, there were near 300 other sites. If you’re gung ho being all things to all people then go wild. Although you’re wasting your time and will never see any ROI.
  5. Guess what? most of the video syndication sharing  sites are in the business to make money pretending to share your videos to lame sites.

Why YouTube and Vimeo are It

A few months ago YT surpassed Facebook in monthly views with about 1.1 billion. In fact, it’s becoming a primary search engine in the true sense of how people use online search.

Need proof?

My 11 year old son is building his own Minecraft gaming server. If you’re a parent with kids older than 6, you know how MC is all the rage. He has taught himself how to code Javascript plugins, manage his server, update files through FTP all from watching YT videos.

But why just YT and V? They dominate the video search market. No one can compete with these two behemoths.

So what’s the trick to getting your videos viewed? It’s what I like to call metric optimization. You need to get good at understanding the keyword phrases your prospects are searching. Next, produce your videos for each keyword making sure to embed them on your site.

It’s not an overnight type job where you just whip out some crappy video and wake up the next morning with 5531 views. Although the bonus is once you get good at video production, your videos will bring your credibility status into trustville.

Can’t do videos yet nor have the money or brain power? I get it. Video is a monster beast to learn and get good at. Sure you can snag cheap help at Fiver or Elance. However, take your time speaking with production people. You want your videos to be tasteful and full HD quality.

Hmmm…What About Facebook Video?

facevidI have a confession. For years I ignored F like the plague (at least for my business). Say what? Yuppers. My reason was time management. When you own a very busy search optimization firm, clients come first. Your stuff last.

However, this year I’ve kicked myself hard in being more consistent. That’s really all you need: a short, simple daily plan of content syndication to your social networks. For me it’s YT, G+, Facey and Twitter. But it’s not even about posting daily. Instead, it’s about writing content and producing videos that are highly relevant and genuine.

So honestly, I post those 4 biggies about 3-5 times a week at most. But why?

Exposure. Although I’m still considered a social hater by some of my followers because social does not impact your rankings one iota. But it gets my content in front of more prospects to learn how I rank my client partner sites.

Should you dive into using my process? Depends. Do you have a few stories you can write about 3-5 times a week? If so,  your prospects will definitely gobble it up. But don’t just drag your feet with a few hundred words of promotional crapola.

As you read this sentence, I’m a little over 600 words. Some of the content on this site is optimized to rank on Google. But much of it isn’t. My secret sauce is to create value. Not bogus, goofy content. There’s a big, fat difference.

Stories always convert traffic into prospects. Those then get sifted through my BS filter. At the end of the month my conversions into paying clients (if I have openings) are about 64%. That’s huge. But it takes work and you need to be more of an advisor to your prospects instead of simply trying to fill orders to rake in the bling.

writingcontentSo How Much Content Do You Need to Rank?

A few hundred words. Kidding:-).

Try at least 5-10,000 for starters. Then keep adding at least 500 words 3-5 times a day with really valuable content. Sure you can optimize some of it for your target keywords. But don’t be a dope and think optimizing all your stuff is going to be the groovy thing to get you ranked.

Google doesn’t care about over-optimized site content. They hate it. They’ll also see how you’re trying to snake your way to the first page. I know, bummer right? Invest in your brand with fantastic content (text and video) and your ranks will grow over time.

Need help? Drop me a line. I love chatting about video and am happy to give you free advice.