Last week Matt Cutts of Google announced new algorithm roll outs for SEO. He is usually straight forward in his videos. For example, when Matt suggests new trends in rankings, it’s worth your time to listen up.

Notice he speaks of genuine content at the beginning of the video below. With the revolution of automation, it’s not difficult to populate your site with content using software packages and scraper services. These types of tools basically steal content from other sites posting it on yours.

Here’s my thoughts…

SEO requires people. Usually ones with writing and video production skills spanning a few decades. These people are the ones that not only produce relevant content but understand the importance of managing your brand. If you’re only risking a shoestring SEO budget, forget it. Pack up your pipe dreams of ranking on the first page of Google and play the lottery.

If you’re hoping a few hundred dollars will mysteriously get you ranked you’re reading the wrong websites. Scams, gimmicks and trickery do not work. Sure they did just 5 years ago. But with Panda and Penguin, it’s now more about high-quality content for the searcher.