First of all, if you’re looking for a list of top SEO firms to hire, this post will be about the last thing you’ll want to read. Sorry, but having now been in the business since 2007, I can assure you of a five things…

  1. top seo firmsTop SEO firms are not what you need
  2. The reason is A, you can’t afford them
  3. Or B, they’re offshore dudes living in their Mom’s basement
  4. Then C, they spam backlink the crap out of your site
  5. D is the worst: these top SEO firms have too many clients

Okay, so now that I’ve laid the facts, let me explain the whys. Don’t think I’m an idiot bashing my competition. Really, I don’t have any because I do the type of SEO that really shouldn’t even be called SEO. There are some great firms out there and I can even suggest a few. But you’ll pay a boatload to get on their account list. Usually $2k a month with about $4500 as a set-up fee.

Some companies can pony up such fees. However, my experience is those kind of dollars top SEO firms are charging usually bankrupt even the loftiest ideas to get your site ranked.

Top SEO Firms & Offshore Contractors

These folks can do more damage than you think. A few hundred dollars and pretty soon you’re site is bombarded with dump truck loads of spam backlinks. For your measly few hundred bucks, these top SEO firms will get your site dinged by Google Penguin. From there you’ll wake up one day so far from the first page you’ll want to stay in bed for a week.

Although, I’ve run into a few good ones. I wouldn’t call them top SEO firms, but they do good work. Finding them is hard and often they are hit or miss. What that means is don’t plan on hearing from them for months at time.


Beware. The missing in action issue is always the biggest risk if you work with a remote contractor. Often Internet connections are pitiful.

Top SEO Firms & Content Management

Say what? Yuppers, content management. It’s what Google loves and will provide genuine organic ranks. Only, almost no one does it because it takes time. Do you know any that have copywriters and video production people? Doubtful.

ContentManagementBut what’s the big deal about video anyway? Take a deep breath. It’s a massive requirement if you’re planning on leap frogging your way up to the first page. But most top SEO firms don’t use it. Why? Google relevancy standards have rewarded sites that have optimized videos (think YouTube) embedded in their content. So many don’t want to add the extra expense into your project.

Next, top SEO firms lack the time nor interest monitoring your site content for Google keyword density standards. Remember, this takes time and that’s usually the one thing they really don’t to invest on your rankings.

autoMost top SEO firms lose clients by the reams. So much of their efforts are spent developing new clients instead of working on your account. A colleague of mine in the business loses up to half his clients every two months. When income is the issue, where do you think he puts his time? Bingo. New business.

Top SEO firms are learning very quickly it takes days upon days (and many nights) merely to get you in the top 50. With that kind of manpower, it simply doesn’t make sense to spend too much time on one account. It’s sad. However, consumers have been getting away with paying a few hundred bucks for decades. It worked too. But not anymore. Spam backlinking done by top SEO firms is old school.

407823-46522-1What you really need to ask yourself (and your prospective top SEO firms) is are you ready to move up to content-management SEO rather than lame backlinking? If you do, it takes time but the benefit is you’ll rank better over time and survive Google updates far better. Too many top SEO firms ignore these nasty updates.

Believe me, content management isn’t sexy nor exciting. Quite the contrary. It’s boring and filled with tactical research to improve your relevancy for each target keyword. So top SEO firms aren’t really interested in this kind of heavy lifting and analysis. But why? Well, for starters, top SEO firms are in business to make money. Client rankings come and go but profits are always priority. So shopping top SEO firms should come with learning how they develop a custom plan to grow your rankings.

Content management is overlooked by so many top SEO firms for one reason: it’s hard. Learn more about what most top SEO firms don’t do.