A site owner contacted me in an all-out freak out meltdown over what she thought was the top SEO firm.

Her current SEO guru is a few years behind in Google compliance standards. That’s considered light years to us in the trenches.

Instead of updating his know-how in what Google uses in their relevancy factors for organic rank, he just kept sending her invoices. He no longer responds to her emails or calls. Even worse, she’s now locked out of her site admin until she settles up forking over more money. This is the email I received from Mary Jean about her “top SEO firm”:

top seo firm

Mary’s situation is pretty awful. With bills stacking up and her site conversions tanking, she’s in panic-mode to start making cash again. Slow down Mary. Making cash is going to take a while. Instead, you need to figure out what tanked you with the big G and then how to fix it no matter what top SEO firm is involved.

google-penguin-updateTop SEO Firm Q#1: Did They Retool for Penguin?

Duh! If they didn’t or don’t know how to, this is the problem. What is Penguin you may be asking. Here’s the nickel tour:

  • It penalizes sites for over-optimization of page elements
  • Damages your rankings for spam backlinks (ones point to your site)
  • Weeds out crap sites irrelevant to search (hopefully not you)

Top SEO Firm Q#2: Is Your Content Relevant?

Remember the movie Ground Hog Day with Bill Murray? If you didn’t see it do so. It’s a hoot. Bill’s character lives one day over and over and over again. Here’s what smart top SEO firm providers do to increase content relevancy:

  • contentOne target keyword per page or post (most top SEO firm geeks ignore this)
  • 300-400 words for each page or post
  • Strip away excessive links throughout your site
  • Include your target keyword in the first sentence

Top SEO Firm Q#3: Are You Using Video SEO?

We use video for our clients for relevancy. Also for conversions. It’s a no-brainer. The more time your top SEO firm can keep people on your site (think video) the better you will convert them into prospects and sales.

30secondtvI know, video seems way over your head right? It’s not. But if your top SEO firm doesn’t bother with it, you had better start thinking about finding someone local.

Instead of shelling out to hire another top SEO firm, consider contacting your local university. Many have media departments who would probably love to produce a dozen videos for you as student projects for cheap money. If you get stuck, drop me a note. I can help you develop a robust plan that will knock the socks off your current top SEO firm.

One of the recent trends is building links through social networks. A few major top SEO firm powerhouses have been shutdown by Google using the practice. Any top SEO firm suggesting you engage in such scams doesn’t have your best interest in mind. Don’t kid yourself hiring a top SEO firm thinking they have magic dust. Ranking well on the search engines takes hard work.

If you’re reading this sentence, congratulations. Although your super duper top SEO firm should have shared this information with you in May of 2012.

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