Simple beautiful, stunning granite and marble countertops. That’s what Stone Concepts has been installing for decades.

Back in June of 2012, owner Bill Carey and I began a partnership to help him dominate the contractor keywords in the Boston, MA market. The competition is robust with thousands of construction companies all vying for work. But what struck me is that Bill is a leader in high-end kitchen and bathroom upgrades. His work is gorgeous.

Most importantly, be sure you own your domain. Not your SEO firm. This is critical to protecting your site assets. In this business, companies and freelancers go MIA faster than ice cream melts on a hot Maine summer afternoon. One day they’re available to you. Thereafter, you never hear from them again. Here’s Bill’s video case study…

What We Did First

We had him tell his current firm to hit the bricks and get lost along with their $895 invoice. Next, we advised Bill to buy a new hosting account with his credit card. Thereafter, we rebuilt his site using WordPress. Since he had no rankings on Google, there was no worry about losing any traffic. ¬†Highly-relevant text and video content was added for his target keywords. But then we did something vital to conversion…



The problem Bill had was trust. When we began working together his current SEO firm held his site hostage. They had the gall to hold his site and hosting logins hostage. Ouch. After requesting access, he was told he had to pay them a staggering cancellation fee of $895. Huh? All that dough just to get hosting access?

Lesson: before you sign with any firm, get it in writing you own your domain and hosting. Not them. It’s a trick older than dirt some of us in the industry despise. What you do is limit client access to control the account. Doing so gives you the sleazy ability to charge them for access if they want to drop you like a rock. When we start a new client partnership, we build a spreadsheet with all of your hosting and admin logins. It’s all yours including all video and text content we produce.

What We Did Next

It’s pretty simple. We added more Massachusetts keywords. Then optimized his site for them with fresh content.

SEO is now about high-quality content (text and of course video). Sounds too easy? Well, it isn’t but it works and I have the client rankings (as you can see above) to prove it.