YouTube Video Marketing

6 Decades of Marketing

youtube seoCompanies of all sizes have known something you should know but have missed. Video.

Millions of companies invested more than $284 billion in TV advertising over the last six decades for one measly reason. Video converts into sales. Then creates trust. Lastly, it offers visual credibility your company is the industry leader in whatever you sell or service.

Are you too broke for TV? Good.

It’s not worth your time or money unless you have $30-$50k a month to spend. Instead, think YouTube.

Why believe me?

Well, for almost a decade I worked as a senior account executive for a national advertising agency. I personally managed nearly $250k a month in client TV and radio advertising. We negotiated the media (in more than 35 markets across the U.S.), produced the spots and pinpointed the best stations to air our commercials.


Let’s Pretend…

Imagine one day you wake up and suddenly you find out you own a TV station.

It’s all yours and you can run all your own TV spots 24/7 on your station to your heart’s delight. Hmmmm…wouldn’t that be nice? Think how many new clients and customers you could snag since all of your commercials are the only ones airing on your TV station? Sweet right?

Guess what? You can.. Well, you could. The price? Free. It’s just waiting for you when you retrain your brain to realize that YouTube is exactly like owning your own TV station. The cool thing is you can optimize your videos for keyword phrases your prospects are already searching for and wholah: your advertising is being viewed by your target market.

Client Video Case Studies

YouTube SEO video case study

YouTube SEO video case study

YouTube SEO video case study

YouTube SEO video case study


There’s no BS or self-promoting hype nor trickery in these videos. Instead, I document how dominating YouTube by getting videos ranked and viewed by hundreds and thousands (sometimes millions) of your target clients and customers is a no-brainer right?

Promoting Your Videos

My Proprietary Process

  • First, you will provide me with your YouTube admin credentials
  • Published videos are downloaded on my end
  • You can leave the original video published if you wish
  • I research keyword phrases to optimize your videos (primary & secondary)
  • Video(s) are optimized and then uploaded back into your YouTube account
  • It’s important we create a video thumbnail we can use for all your videos
  • I will create custom artwork for your thumbnails
  • Thereafter, I will optimize those videos for related target keywords.
  • I write custom video description text for each video and publish
  • All videos are tracked for ranking on YouTube for target keywords
  • I will also monitor your YouTube analytics