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Having Email Marketing Meltdowns?

Every marketing guru tells you how your list is a goldmine. Grow it. Market to it. Then rinse and repeat. But if you’re reading this sentence, I suspect it’s not going as well as you want right?

My approach to email marketing is metric-based. Open and click-through rates need to be assessed daily to evaluate your campaign response. Why? Because they pinpoint trends. Ones such as as open rate, click-through rates to your website or offer as well as what types of content result in moving your subscribers into your sales cycle.


Every email campaign I’ve ever worked on has been refined using two priorities: the first is writing enticing subject lines that convert to higher open rates. Next, your body copy must have structure. Both are designed for open rate and then click-through to a target page on your website (recommended).

View samples: Short email sample | Long email sample | Affiliate product email


Average email open rate


Average email click-through rate


Average unsubscribe rate

If you’re worried about using video for your email marketing campaigns, relax. It’s not required. However, the conversions are far better and for good reason. 

In the following client video case study I outline the benefits of building video email newsletters and share another client case study how he grows his list by using YouTube.


Why Most Email Campaigns Suck

The process of increasing your open rates is tied to what? Care to guess?


Emotions2Nothing else matters other than the psychological connection your subscribers have how your product or service will help their lives be better. If you zing crappy emails at them all the time suggesting they BUY, BUY, BUY you’re going about things all wrong.

If you’re reading this sentence, I just proved my point. You want to know more about how I increase my client email conversions. So you’re continuing to read right? Your email campaigns are no different.

Is email dead? Nope. Quite the contrary. I’m a sucker for a compelling message and so are your subscribers. They have the money to spend. But if you’re not tapping into the emotional triggers to get your devoted list members to open your emails, you may as well shut it down.

A good email campaign tells a story.

Huh? Yes, think stories.

Who doesn’t love to read the the news right? The caveat is your stories need prove you’re worth their time and help them go from borderline cranky to happy. Then move them toward genuine content that demonstrates how your product or service will improve their lives and work habits.

Can it be this simple? Yes and no. Boring ‘we’ll make your life fabulous’ content is a bad idea. I recommend using a story theme in your follow up campaigns. One-shot broadcast messages convert far better if you use video in your content.

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