The last time I heard the phrase ‘seo experts’ it was around 2009. Well, until this morning when I received email from some ‘guru’ selling some kind of linkbuilding shtick.

Guess what? SEO experts no longer exist. Seriously, if you’re hoping to glean cryptic tricks and tips what they do, here’s a shortlist:

  • Scheme
  • Spam backlink
  • Hope, pray, then fall short

But then why is it you can shake a stick at thousands of so called online SEO experts? Hmmm…because it use to be one of the easiest businesses to start. I should know because I did in 2007.

Back in the day all you needed was some type of crapola backlinking software (i.e. SE Nuke) and stolen content. If you were really smart, you had some lame-oh content spinner to churn out seo expertsgarbled sentences reading more like broken English. After all of that garbage started stinking up your computer, you created dozens of fake profiles and then syndicated it all creating thousands of backlinks.

Now if you were part of a crew of SEO experts brain surgeon smart, you also used HMA (hide my ass) to change your IP addresses during the syndication madness.

Man, can you imagine doing all that work to build scummy backlinks with unreadable content? Well, many did (and some still do) because it worked. These days it will only get your site penalized by Google Penguin.

SEO Experts D-Day

If you heard a crowd groaning in February of 2011, it was probably thousands of SEO experts. That was when Google released Panda. It was an algorithm update that crushed sites with stolen or semi-sucky content. “Damn,” they cried to themselves. Now what?

These days the measuring stick of credible search engine rankings is content management. I know, content is king is such a goofy statement. But, think about it…

  1. Google loves relevant content
  2. So they need to find it
  3. Either from your site
  4. Or your competition’s

Do you agree? If not, your best bet is to look for SEO experts living in the stone age. If you do, watch this video…

SEO Experts = Lazy Layabouts

lazyThink about it. We’re all in business to make money. So streamlining your workflow means what? Duh, more money. This industry is laden with clumsy workflow and something even worse. Easy buttons. Don’t get me wrong, there are talented SEO experts who now subscribe to the same methodology I do.

Write oodles of optimized content. Then add a pinch of video. SEO experts would never do this much work.

Confused? Welcome to the club. You’ve been brainwashed into thinking a few key strokes will launch stadiums of traffic to your site. Nope. So what does?

  • Industrial-strength Google standards
  • Genuine, original text
  • Time and adjustment to your copy
  • Proper keyword density management
  • An XML sitemap (including video and mobile)

More Isn’t More

Going all ga-ga optimizing your content is a must. But don’t go wild like keyword stuffing. If you’re unfamiliar what it is think more is better. Don’t stuff a ton of keywords on each page or post. Avoid two dozen keywords in your meta data. Instead, write. Pick a keyword you’re trying to rank for and write a truckload of content about it.

One caveat: more text and video content is going to make a difference. For two reasons. First, it adds to converting your traffic into prospects. Second, it shows Google you’re investing your time and money in your site. So you’ll receive higher relevancy standards than your competition.

Don’t think it happens overnight. This stuff takes time but I can assure you very few SEO experts are using content management. It takes work and devotion. What do you have to lose besides your business?

Learn what most SEO experts don’t do.