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Organic Marketing

Organic SEO marketing case studies are what separate the boys from the real deal. Too many firms ignore case studies because they don’t have any.

These client video case studies demonstrates what white hat SEO can do.

Warning: developing these kind of rankings take time and a methodical content management process.

For Years It Worked Well

You would hire a local computer geek to get you ranked. But guess what these hard-wired propeller heads always lack?

Marketing and conversion skills. Then add in a not understanding the new Google relevancy standards and their impact on ranking well. I know you want it all. Who doesn’t?

Your best bet is to work with a proven digital marketing firm specializing in organic SEO, brand management and conversion help. Remember, if you don’t convert your traffic into prospects you will crash and burn.  A frustrated new client once asked me, “What does all of this really mean?” What this means is Google sees your site one of two ways:

  1. You have deceptive, over-optimized elements on your site.
  2. Or your content is not relevant for your target keywords.
  • SEO firms who understand Google relevancy standards 29%
  • Impact of video on SEO rankings 83%
  • Benefit of having backlinks to rank 12%
  • Sites optimized correctly for onpage SEO elements 29%
  • Firms doing SEO metric optimization of site content 31%
  • Importance of keyword research for successful SEO 93%

Organic SEO Marketing & ROI

Have you been dabbling with AdWords? Are you getting tired burning through your ad spend without converting?

Listen, AdWords is pretty cool. However, there’s a ton of A/B testing to find the best converting ad that works. That costs boatloads of money. Organic SEO marketing comes with a far better ROI. Think about it.

The money you spend ranking on Google can return your investment ten fold. But organic SEO marketing takes time. How much? Hard to say. Every niche and keyword phrase is different. So we approach multiple keywords and then capitalize on the ones that pop first.

Starting an organic SEO adventure is one of the most profitable efforts you’ll ever embark. However, smart site owners realize embedding video on their site adds exponential Google relevancy. Learn why I do organic SEO marketing.

If you’ve made it this far, nice job. This stuff can be confusing, frustrating and a wee bit odd. Honestly, SEO takes a lot of effort to prove to Google you deserve to rank well. It’s not rocket science but requires using a genuine formula.

Beware when planning your organic SEO marketing. Spending money with backlink-addicted freelancers comes with risk. It’s your money. So try to do as much research as you can to learn what you need. Organic SEO marketing is well worth your time and your growth opportunities.

Don’t become a dinosaur in your SEO. It’s such an evolving industry that can leave you light years behind your competition in the organic SEO marketing world. Learn more about organic SEO marketing.

Honest Organic SEO Marketing

It begins with one simple thing: help your clients achieve genuine rankings with 100% original Google Penguin & Panda compliant content. organic seo marketingThen monitor their progress. Next, adjust their SEO to get better. That’s all I do for my clients. Read on to learn how.

Since the recent Google updates with Penguin and Panda, many businesses (perhaps yours) are in a desperate scramble to increase their organic rankings. The reason is their organic SEO marketing plan is older than dirt. I’ve done over 500 site audits for organic SEO marketing and Penguin penalties. Of the sites I’ve reviewed, nearly 87% of them have suffered drops in rankings due to on page elements not complying with Google Penguin or relevancy standards. Some sites were over-optimized with an organic SEO marketing strategy more than ten years old.

organic seo marketing

My 12 Step Organic SEO Marketing Plan

Every client partner receives a customized plan. The following steps are the foundation where we start. As time continues, we adjust our plan to capitalize on new ranking trends…

  1.  Optimize url paths to match target keywords
  2.  Write site content for relevancy–1 page or post per target keyword
  3.  Optimize each page or post using Google standards
  4.  Build videos for target keywords (see samples)
  5.  Create account for organic SEO marketing videos
  6.  Optimize videos for organic SEO marketing
  7.  Monitor keyword rankings by day
  8.  Adjust site content keyword density based on #7
  9.  Implement SEO metric optimization techniques
  10. Review Google Analytics data for conversion assessment
  11. Add video on your site to improve your organic SEO marketing
  12. Track site conversions and adjust for improvement

Please do yourself a favor. Avoid investing in your organic SEO marketing with deceptive techniques. It’s dumb and will get your penalized.

There’s too many organic SEO marketing companies out there telling site owners all they need is more backlinks. Ouch. Nothing could be further from the truth these days. Take it from me: syndicating truckloads of backlinks will hurt your situation.

What does work?

Carving out a schedule that devotes investing in adding genuine content into your site. It can be a few new posts or pages a week. However, if you add embedded video, you’ll receive additional Google relevancy scores for your target keywords.